Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Hello everyone.
Big welcome to my new followers. Thank you very much and I hope you will enjoy this experience.
Anyways today I thought I should write about this after much brain cracking and checking, if you know what I mean.

I listened to Ada as she cried and told me all that he did to her.
I couldn't imagine it.
How could Jide do this to the love of his life. Wasn't he the one that was head over heels in love with her just a few days ago.
Don't get me wrong, Jide didn't physically or mentally abuse Ada it wasn't that?
It was deeper.
Jide threw their trust away. He broke his promise.
He promised, he said he will always be faithful but he didn't keep up to his bargain.
he failed.
I can still remember when Ada will come and tell me about all the things she did with Jide. All the bad things in bed and all the lovey doveyy stuff in the day.
I swear Ada showed me every gift Jide got for her and I must say he got a lot of gifts for her cos I saw stuff from shoes to bags to cloths till my eyes got tired with envy.
I can't even relate the Jide I know to the Jide I am hearing about now..
It must be wrong.
but as I looked into Ada's eyes I knew that the stories were true.
I knew that he had hurt her, for I could see the hurt in her eyes.

Ada's story isn't fiction, but real although names used are fictional.
It brings me to this question?
Why is it that the people we hurt the most are the ones we love.
Why is that the betrayal of a spouse is very hurting and painful?
Someone says it hurts to the bones.
Is it because we allow them see the most intimate part of our lives, our hearts, our secrets, our dreams?

I wish we will just try and stop it.
I wish we will just tell the demon that prompts us to hurt people to go away.

Anyways just my thought.
Do have a lovely day and I hope you enjoy reading as I enjoy posting.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Working From Home

Hello everyone. How r u?
Today is a new day and a new week. I hope we are all happy.
Hmmm I can smell Christmas in the air. Can you?
Please do tell me what your plans are for this Christmas. For me I haven't even decided what I will do for Christmas, so I think I will not mind some advise.

Anyways back to the topic of today.
I talked to a friend recently in the states. As we were gisting she told me that the doctor put her on bed rest, cos of the baby's health. Quickly I asked her what she was going to do about work and she told me simply that she was going to be working from home....

Wow can you beat that.. working for home...

This can never happen in Nigeria.
I wonder when women "Rights" will be taken seriously in this darling country of mine.
I know someone who had to go back to work a day after she gave birth, cos if she didn't do that she was going to loose her job and she couldn't afford to do that, not with the economic meltdown.

I asked couldn't she have sued the company?
They replied: how could she? Who will listen to her or fight for her?

This is so sad.
I wish we had a package where people could choose to work from home.
I wish we had a package where women were given 6 to 9 months of maternity leave instead of 1 to 3 months..

I just wish.....

Saturday, November 26, 2011

The "H" factor

Hello everyone!!!! thank you so much for the comments about my last post.
I really appreciate every bit of it and I know a lot of it will go a long way in making my novel an interesting read.

Anyways today I decided to post about what I call the "H" factor.
When I talk about the "H" factor, I mean the fact that when people talk they can't pronounce words that start with the letter "H". For instance instead of saying "house" they pronounce it " ouse", leaving the "h", where I do not know.
As much as I hate it when they do this and sometimes chuckle a lot, I even tease Temi that his people are the ones that always have the "H" factor problem, (N/B Temi doesn't have the "H" factor THANK GOD).
The reason why they do this is cos for instance in the Yoruba language if I am not mistaken there isn't a letter "H". Its like it just vanished into thin air..LOL. So it is quiet difficult to transit from the rules in Yoruba language to the rules in the English language.

In the french language the letter "H" is silent for instance the word " Haricot", which means beans (don't forget that every word has to be spelt with an article), is pronounced "aricot". Now when the french converse in English they find it difficult pronouncing the letter "H", which isn't silent or hidden but present in the English language.

The truth:

" Yoruba language is very similar to the french language but when the Yorubas pronounce English words without the "H" etc we see this as being razz, local, bush, uneducated etc.. but when the french make the same mistake it goes this way: " oh you know English isn't their first language, its allowed...

Anyways I should stop. I hope we have learnt a little about the 2 languages...LOL

N/B: I just got my cutting mat and rotary cutter delivered. Nice!!! My sewing machine is coming soon. Slowly but surely my workshop is taking shape and I will soon start churning out different designer hand bags... hopefully.
In the mean time check out this site, I love her drive, passion and her bag designs. http://www.chachalifestyle.com/category.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Thank God/ Novel Plan

Hello guys if you have noticed I have changed my blog's out look again.. THANK GOD.
I hated the last one, for some reason I couldn't find the icon for new post, comments etc, but now I think I will just choose the simple template and live with it. The simpler the better.
Anyways back to my last post: I talked about my characters and someone said I should give more details about the novel. This is it:

okay so the novel is about a guy that has to marry or else he will be cut off from his father's will. He doesn't want to marry, but cos he wants to be in his fathers good books he has to get married, and this is like the only favor his father has ever asked of him. All the girls he rolls with generally just want his money and his knows that. He doesn't trust them enough to keep the secret that the marriage is a sham so he has to look for a reliable, trust worthy person. This is where my heroine comes in.
She is in her mid 30's very comfortable financially, gone through all the troubles about being single and not getting married at her age from her family, so she is fed up with society in general. Even though she has a tough look she still allows society get to her. She isn't pretty but she isn't ugly either, just she is plain. A little on the plump side, not skinny and doesn't have the TO DIE FOR FIGURE..Nope... I decided to leave all the skinny girls for the runway.. don't you think.
She's got big boobs, nice full ass, like the African woman, she isn't tall, just average height.
Her striking futures :" her hair". She's got very long hair". Unusual for a Nigerian.
She is the perfect candidate as she just wants to get marry and get out of her mother's house even if it's just for a year. She feels it's better to go down in history as the lady that once was married but the marriage didn't work than oh she is an old maid and has never been married.

Now in the twist I want to add a little suspense, but I have to take into consideration that the Nigerian police isn't like the FBI, OR CIA etc.. I don't know how to work that. I don't want to use the African magic juju factor...no way.....
TO add to this along the way events takes both of them to the WORLD OF LOVE.
Now can this love withstand the test of times?

This is just a summary about the book.. I have already started working on it, but just in chapter 1.
What do you think?
Do you think the heroine should be plain or very pretty and very confident?
Do you think I should swing in the Nigerian police as being very like the CIA... mind you I need to make it look real for my Nigerian readers and not unbelievable for my non Nigerian readers.
And do you think I should add the juju factor?

Will appreciate your comments and guys this time I am finally back. You will see posts by me regularly.. I am looking at every day if God permits.
Do have a lovely day and happy thanksgiving to my American followers.


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Happy Sunday

I promised myself that I was going to post almost everyday...HMMM....
Very difficult I must say. Cos right now I don't know what to talk about.
Okay I am working on my fourth novel:
Its basically a marriage of convenience story. I have always been in love with novels that have begin with arranged marriages, so I decided to write about one.
In my book I will like the lady to be plain, a little bit chubby and not a very confident person. She isn't the hero's speck it you know what I mean, but she is the practical one for the job. She will fit the profile very well.

What do you think? should the heroine be plain or pretty?

I want to add a little suspense to this work just like sandra browns books.

The problem is that It also have to deal with the fact that the nigerian police isn't like the FBI's and the CIA's so how do I write a story that is convincing and also real, to my Nigerian readers especially.
What do you think?
Should I make the nigeria police what they are not or should I look for another plot.
lASTY do you think this book will be worth your read?

And yes I just remembered in the Frankfurt airport I went to a book stand looking for books in french, to my disappointment I didn't find it.. But what struck me was that the only african author I saw was " Chike and the River", by Chinua Achebe and he is Nigerian, I was impressed.
But I think we need a lot more Nigerian and AFRICAN writers with their books translated in different languages and in almost all the bookshops in the world...

Anyways just let me know what u think about my little plot. If you want more details I will be more that happy to help.
Take care of yourself babes and have a lovely new week.

Saturday, November 19, 2011


hello guys so sorry I have neglected you all. Will try not again.
Anyways part of the reason I don't post regularly is cos of my new look on blogsville.
I am finding it hard to maneuver my way through all this.
I don't even know where the new post is located, the comments section is another problem for me.
Hmm this is so bad, but I will get around to it, I am sure I will.
Anyways just to say I am on a vacation with my darling Temi. We are going to be gone for 2 and a half months in The U.S. OF A..
Don't worry guys will gist you everything about my romantic journey so far..loll.

Anyways one of the things I love most about traveling with Temi is that he takes care of everything. When I say everything I mean everything. In fact I just sleep and know that he's got my back. from making sure I have eaten to sleeping right and just plain making sure I am having fun.
Really nice, don't you think. In fact I feel like a baby. Hmm I am in love again..Lol.
Oh well anyways I hope you all have fun this weekend and just let me know what's up with you.
Do have a lovely day and will definitely keep in touch.

http://lagosmums.com/2011/11/17/just-my-thoughts-keeping-children-clean-in-lagos/. check this out one of my writes up, and please drop your comments.

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Hello everyone.
I had this picture taken almost two weeks ago but I had been so busy thats y it is coming up now..so sorry.
This is what happened two wednesdays ago, cos of the rain on my way to ikeja.
I was shocked.
Thank God it is an office complex and nobody was there when the rain fell.
This shouldn't happen if we have good building inspections".
I can't even imagine what it would have been like if there were people living in this building.

Anyways just saying hi and thank you all for your comments on my bag and my wedding anniversary post..

A second bag coming soon...