Thursday, December 27, 2012


I know all of us are still in a celebration mood, including me. I had actually thought that I will be off writing and blogging till next year but like bees drawn to the honey comb so is a writer drawn to writing.
Anyways one of my Christmas presents from my darling Temi was Chinua Achebe's new novel "There Was A Country". Now people who know me, know that even though I am an avid reader its only recently I started reading a lot of novels by Nigerian authors, even though I read "CHIKE AND THE RIVER, THINGS FALL APART", I still wasn't an avid reader of Achebe's works.

I don't know if I can say this of a renowned author, but I will anyway: as a writer Achebe has greatly improved. This is how I see his writing now: it's as though he writes for a wider audience. It's as though he writes for the readers in China as well as readers in America at the same time. He can take an Ibo proverb and describe it using America/British terms. I am greatly impressed as I hope that this novel becomes a bestseller topping a lot of the big authors in writing history. I have also learnt that Chinmamanda Adiche writes a lot like Achebe.. Very Impressive.

Although I am not through with the book I am learning a lot about Nigerian history and the events that took place before I was born. It saddens me to think that history has been removed from all our secondary schools. I think that history should be compulsory in all secondary schools in Nigeria up until A'  levels, instead of maths or English. Oh well that's a topic for another day.

I also think that all the minor ethnic groups in Nigeria should start developing works of fiction laced with our rich history and culture granting our Nigerian/African all over the world the opportunity to know about African folklore's, myths, history, culture like they do about the Greek mythology.

Before I go I will leave you with some excerpts of the book that I have found very intriguing:

Page 93:

"I received my scholarship to study medicine at Ibadan. I wanted to be in the arts but felt the pressure to choose medicine instead. After a year of work I changed to English, history and theology, but by so doing I lost the bursary and was left with the prospect of paying tuition"

(Now for me this is determination. It is sad that parents still pressure their children to study courses they don't really have a flare for. Someone asked this question on face book: if you had the opportunity to be 18 again what will you do all over, a lot of people talked about following their dreams and not studying what daddy or mummy wanted them to study).

Page 95:

"After graduation I did not have to worry about where I would go next. The system was so well organized that as we left university most of us were instantly absorbed into the civil service, academia, business or industry. We trusted-I did, anyway-the country and its rulers to provide this preparatory education and then a job to serve my nation. I was not disappointed".

(hmmm this cannot be said about the Nigeria of today as it is so difficult getting a job right out of university. What happened? And how can this be fixed? Topic for another day)

Anyways as I read along or maybe in any of my post I will try and post little excerpts from his book.
I must go now as I have to still be in the celebration mode, not with a laptop on top of my laps and jamming away.

Merry Christmas folks and a Happy new year. 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Note From A Parent

My promise to my children as long as I live I am your parent first, your friend second. I will stalk you, flip out on you, lecture you, drive you insane, be your worst nightmare and hunt you down like a blood hound, when needed because I LOVE YOU!!!!! When you understand that I will know you are a responsible adult. You will NEVER find someone who loves, prays, cares and worries about you more than I do! If you don't hate me once in your life- I am not dong my job properly.

I saw this letter from a parent and I thought I should share it. Really food for thought for me...

RIP to the kids that died...its so pathetic....

Everybody is talking about guns laws and all, but for me I think it starts from the beginning. Once you become a parent you have to give it your all, like the note says till they understand, then you know they are adults. I don't subscribe to the African mentality of having a lot of children. its not worth it!!!!!

Anyways Merry Christmas everybody, I hope we all enjoy the holidays and thank God for just keeping us alive.


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The World Of Animation

Hello everyone. How are you? I hope you are all very well.
Anyways I just had a few minutes and decided to use the time. I have always been fascinated by animations and cartoons ever since I could remember. Always watched the Disney fairy tales like Cinderella, Tangled, Aladdin, Lion King, more recently Pixar's animation: Cars, Toy Story etc.  If I am asked today what are my favorite past times: apart from reading and traveling, I would say watching cartoons or animation, that is not to say that I don't also enjoy good movies, this I do. In fact I can't wait to see "Looper" and "Les Miserables".

But have you wondered why Africa doesn't have a good animation or cartoon company, one that depicts the rich African culture and lifestyle? I know when I was growing up, I read a lot of blue eyed princesses and watched a lot of green eyed mermaid stories and the likes. It never occurred to me that there could be fairytales that had princesses with brown eyes and dark skin/ebony or kinky/nappy hair. It never occurred to me that I could have dolls that were dark skinned with yarn braids instead of the long caucasian straight hair barbies. Now I am older I know better. I know I can get novels where the heroes look like Idris Elba or the heroine looks a lot like Haley Berry instead of Jessica Simpson. (If you know what I mean). Thanks to authors like Myne Whitman, Kiru Taye, Lara Daniels etc you can now read about dashing men who are actually tall dark and handsome.

But what about the animations and cartoons that our children watch? '
Do we have enough to let them know that Africans are here to stay. That it's not all about slavery, corruption, wars, poverty etc but also about love, fun, adventures, superheroes.

What about exploring our rich legends? After all the Greeks have been doing this for ages. In fact I am so in love with Chris Hemsworth, the star in THOR. (P.S. Please don't tell Temi this...LOL). Thor is the Greek god of thunder. If I am correct I know the Yorubas also has a god of thunder in their legends.

Okay we will say there is a lot of voodoo or juju in the African theme, but can't it be portrayed without the incantations, libations and human sacrifice?

Well I think it is time Africa stands up and start telling their story.

In an interview Kiru Taye said she wants to be an author who will tell the world a different story about Africa.

Yes we still struggle with poverty, corruption, wars, slavery, discrimination, women inequality, etc but we also fall in love and live in love. We also have superheroes and heroines, we also have beautiful myths and legends, beautiful fashion sense/statement and culture. We also have men of valor and integrity.
I have hope that one day we will get there.

I hope you all have a lovely day as today is the 12/12/12/ day, and this is also my brother's birthday as well. I love him so much as we are very close. Wishing him the best things in life.

Take care of yourselves I've got to go, as my time is up.

N/B: Google: Sporedust media/ A Nigerian animation company.


Saturday, December 1, 2012

Happy New Month

I would have titled this post sites and sounds of Jamaica but I am not sure I will be able to upload the pictures. Anyways I will just try, and see what happens.

A little about Jamaica: it's very dear to my heart as it is a small island of about 3 million people, as you all know I come from a very small island, in Rivers state called Bonny. We aren't up to 3 million but its not so small. It's just the right size and very good for tourism.
Jamaica makes a lot of revenue from tourism. I wonder why we can't do that in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria, even Lagos state is surrounded by water as well. hmmm very sad.
Sometimes I wish the oil will dry up so that we all go back to life without oil. I know this for a fact :the day Nigeria starts feeding itself as a country, Nigeria's development will sky rocket. Enough of all the sad talk lets move one to brighter things...

I wonder what it will be like on top of that mountain..Scary
I hope you can see the building on the hills..wish i can live there.

Alright I was able to upload the pix. I basically took the scenery.
Jamaica is a very hilly country and living on top of the mountains is like living in Beverly hills. It is even called Beverly hills

Can you imagine that Christmas is almost here? I am speechless as to how time flies. Well we just thank God for keeping us all through the year.

I want us to look back and tick of the things we have achieved so far this year. Please don't beat yourself if you feel you haven't achieved anything. Everything will fall into place in due time.

For me I have

1. grown better in my writing, even though I haven't published any books as I thought I would have....

2. I have become a mother so that is a new job description added to my CV.  I have also learnt to appreciate the little pleasures of life: like merely sitting down to eat and savoring a perfectly good meal. I don't do that any more. I am always eating on the go, you never know when madam will be up demanding your attention with no questions asked..LOL.
3. I also have learnt to prioritize my time a lot more. I hardly waste it on just surfing the net, or gossiping I am on the go. Any little time I have I use it judiciously.
4. I still haven't started my business but I thank God for the ideas I have been writing down, cos it will become a reality soon.
5. My transition into a naturalista has become finally. I am not going back. So I have started researching and working on it. Men!!!!! I want my hair as long as the Jamaican Men's hair. You won't believe it they have longer hair than their women...Ironic right. I have started the regime of washing my hair, and conditioning bimonthly.
 Getting yarn braids soon, cos the styling of natural hair ain't easy, and I am running out of patience..

For all the other things I hope to have achieved this year and I haven't, I am not beating myself about it, cos I know I will achieve everything one day..

Enough about me, tell me what you have achieved so far. I will love to read about it.

P.S. "Myne whitman has started a new series on her blog...its very entertaining I think you should all check it out.

let me leave with this song, which i absolutely love.
Do have a wonderful weekend.