Friday, August 6, 2010


What exactly is the meaning of fun?
According to my computer, fun can be defined as : enjoyment, amusement or lighthearted pleasure.
Well from this definition I can comfortable say that for the past 1 month I have had the pleasure of experiencing these : enjoyment, amusement and lighthearted
From the magnificent experience of tasting the wisdom of John C. Maxwell to the roller coster adventure ride of Michelle Mckinny Hammond the relationship specialist, I can proudly say that I have stepped into the month of August a better person, a better leader...(lol, abeg help me oh, I am blowing my trumpet....hahahaha).......

The must important thing about life is that one can have fun and learn.
I have learnt (while having fun), that it doesn't take a title to become a leader, it takes being a servant to become one.
I have learnt (While having fun) that a leader is a leader by example.
I have learnt (while creating fun) that if you cannot have a good relationship with your friends, you will not have a good relationship with your marriage.
I have learnt (while generating fun) that relationships demand a lot of things from us.... like....patience, love, tolerance and above all forgiveness......
Now you can see why I said: that I stepped into this month with every necessary tool. Omo come meet me for lessons...loll.. ..

If I practice all that I have learnt I will be a better person
Notez Bien: now I will like to tell you a little secret...I have secretly been holding a grudge against some of my friends...its like they don't remember I exit anymore....
As I drop my pen, I am going to call them to harass them...haba why haven't you called me? I am still alive

Life is better that way don't you think?

Take care of yourself and learn to spot the fun in every situation