Monday, June 17, 2013

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Friday, June 7, 2013


Champagne a white sparkling wine associated with celebration and regarded as a symbol of luxury, typically that made in the Champagne region of France.

I can remember the first day I tasted champagne I couldn't understand the hype about the whole thing although after a while the taste grew on me and so I could take it during celebrations and all, but it's still not the first drink I will ask for at a party.
So why are we talking about Champagne today? As I was researching a few days ago I stumbled on the world's most expensive champagne: "Gout de Diamants" :which means "Taste Of Diamonds"

Hand crafted from 18 carat solid gold, Gout de Diamant superman style signature logo is centered by a single flawless deep-cut white diamond weighing 19 carats, replacing the Swarovski crystal that normally inhibits the space. This bottle was created for an unnamed private client and guess who was commissioned to create this work of art? Our very own Alexander Amosu, the luxury brand designer and no stranger to pimping iPhones and BlackBerries with diamonds and other stones. This bottle of champagne cost 284 million Naira. I screamed when I saw this: a friend of mine expressed her dislike for the outrageous price, but then if you look at it this way: in the world there are people who have outrageous wealth, money, cash flow (call it whatever you want to call it), as an entrepreneur your job is to device means of how that money can get to your bank account, through products you create, leaving the consumer and you the seller happy.

I present to you the World's Most Expensive Champagne...Enjoy.

Do take care of yourself and have a lovely weekend.

N/B: Just to let you know that we are now a website.. yippee. Our blog will now have different categories like Business (here I will share my experience as I grow my business), Lifestyle( here I will talk about my weight loss journey, healthy eating menus, living right and basically things that I find interesting),  Gadgets (here I will talk about my love for fast cars, car racing, sport bikes, bikers, planes and everything that has to do with it. Now this is going to make my male readers excited, Fashion (here I will talk about my love for fashion, the art of fashion and how I struggle to bring that love into my creations), Reviews (here I will have reviews of movies, and novels), Finally Shop Ularée)  (my online store where beautiful products will be showcased making shopping fun) etc. looking forward to seeing you all on the other side.

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Monday, June 3, 2013

Business Lesson 101

As you all know I am the créateur of House of Ularée or Ularée, a fashion accessories company, oh I love the sound of that, don't mind me. Anyway I will be working on a series titled Business Lessons 101, here I would be talking about my mistakes, my goals, my good points, my scores and my progress in the world of business. I hope we will all learn a lot from my experience, thank you. 

The first time I decided to be on my own i.e be an entrepreneur, follow my dreams, I was excited and naive. I had the picture of DSW or Macy's in my head and that was what I wanted for my business, I still do don't get be wrong. 

I had written a huge business plan, where I was going to use about 10 million Naira to set up the company, office space, staff salaries at least for 6 months, running cost, official vehicle, fuel/diesel funds( as we battle with electricity daily) etc. When I got my proposal ready, armed with it I went out in search of the funds to kick start the business, off course I was thrown out of every office and home. How did I expect to be given that amount of money without a good track record? With my tails between my legs I went back home crying and declaring that it was time to get a 9 to 5 as this entrepreneurship wasn't my thing. 

Fast forward to present day, I have learnt that the mistakes you make with as little as #16,000 or $100 are the same mistakes you will make with a million dollars when you do not have good business expertise to back it up.

After learning the hard truth I choose to start small, first of all I looked for things I could do with little or no cash e.g the internet. Even though the internet isn't really great in Naija it can be affordable and one can get by nevertheless. So I subscribed for one of the cheapest internet services, the 8 pm to 8 am schedule. With this google became my friend, I devoured everything I could get on starting a business and I still do, cos one never stops learning. 

Secondly I got people to pre order their products, that way I didn't have my money tied down.. now in this aspect family will always come through for you. 

Key notes: Start small and make google your friend.

Pause: Time to Quit: Will Continue another day: Ciao

I thought this was just for laughs at first until I checked the website and it actually worked. Now who says Nigerians aren't creative. Its high time we drop the 9 TO 5 job hunt after university and explore our creative vibes.

N/B: using this opportunity to say RIP today. Exactly a year ago Nigeria was affected by the Dana airline crash. Rest In Peace my friend Ayoola Somolu and to all who lost their lives. You will all be missed. 


Sunday, June 2, 2013


Hello everyone I hope we are excited about the new month, as for me I am elated. I will like to use this opportunity to say a big thank you to all my followers and particularly say thank you to Eki who is our 200th follower. For being our 200th follower you have a present/No two presents a pair of earrings and a clutch bag, all by House of Ularee (Ularee)....yippee

This crocheted red earring: one that will glam out your outfit especially with the little black dress. If you want to go a little bit crazy like I would, then go for the yellow strapless gorgeous dress. N/B: don't mind my look: no-make-up day and still trying to get back my face before

This clutch bag by Ularee, with its uniquely crafted design which is rear, is one of the first designs of the Ularee brand. The bag is small enough to serve as a dinner or party bag and big enough to take two or three mobile phones, a small wallet, a small-to-go perfume and a bright red lipstick by mac. Viola life's good.

Eki please send your contact information: phone number, home address or postal address to, for your presents...

Thank you once again everyone, don't stop believing in secretlilies.

P.S: bags and earrings are available for sale

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My Heroine Of The Week/Beulah Chigbu

I came across Beulah's story a few months ago, and yesterday when I saw her picture on my friends dp I had to probe further. Beulah turned 4 yesterday, I was to put up this post yesterday but I was so tired after my numerous activities, which I will gist y'all another day, so its coming today a day later and still as wonderful as well.

Question: why should a 4 years old girl be my heroine?

Answer: a lot. I don't even know where to begin but I will start from somewhere. .

Beulah who was born on the 20th of May, in Nigeria was diagnosed with Tibial hemimelia of the right leg, which is a congenital absence of the tibia and in her case absence of the patella (Knee cap) in lay man's English she was born without a knee cap and the big bone between the knee and ankle, as a result of this, her leg had to be amputated. By the time she was 2 years old her leg was amputated. Her mother describes how she felt when she was given the news You can also find pictures of Beulah on the link as well, since the internet I am using has refused to upload my pictures.. 

What strikes me about this little girl is her confidence, she is the most confident little girl I have ever come across and I will say thanks to her parents who have done a fantastic job. She is not shy, or afraid, she is ready to conquer the world, nothing is stopping her. I also like to say that her father is a wonderful father. from the time she was 3 months her father would talk to her, tell her how pretty and wonderful she was, and all the sweet magical words that fathers can say to their daughters which builds their confidence and make them grow into great beautiful strong women. 

From my little research I know that a good relationship with daddy creates a fantastic marriage, relationship. Trust me no man can tell a little girl, who sees her father as her hero, lies, you can't mess with her, you can't deceive her. Thumbs up to her father 


When I put up her picture on my dp, a friend of mine asked me about her and I narrated the story one things she said was: "Mehn see her confident smile and people that have two legs will be there complaining", this got me thinking. I need to stop complaining and thank God for everything I have no matter how little. 

I am in love with people who see beyond their disabilities and live a wonderful fulfilled life.

Please if you have a story you would like to share with us, just send me an email @

As you read this post spread the news you never know this may save a life

N/B: the IREDE foundation has been set up by Beulah's mother. Please check it out.


Thursday, May 16, 2013


With children's day coming up this month, one of Nigerian's leading and most trafficked e-commerce company, according to globally renowned web information services, sent me an email to put up their children's day charity initiative flyer. Please as you stop by the secretlilies blog today, don't fail to like page, follow them on twitter and like their facebook page, thank you 

Make a difference this Children’s Day with

Lagos, Nigeria, May 13, 2013- As the world gets ready to mark yet another Children’s Day, your number 1 online retailer, has introduced a charity give-back initiative using its social media platform. “In celebrating this year’s children’s day, we at Jumia in addition to other onsite initiatives will be giving back to the less privileged children in the society using our Facebook and Twitter pages. This is an initiative that will require the support of our friends on social media, how? It starts with a like or follow on Facebook and Twitter respectively. We are very grateful to our friends who have supported the cause so far; as we speak we have already raised N5, 877 in the first day. ”, this was according to Opeyemi Adetomiwa, community manager at
All it takes is for every ‘like’ on the Jumia Facebook and ‘follow’ on their Twitter pages, N1 will be donated to a charity on children’s day. SO, all you need do to put a smile on the face of that needy child this Children’s Day is to ‘like’, ‘follow’ and ‘share’ with your own friends, it’s that simple.
Click here to start ‘liking’, you could be the reason for that kids smile. is the leading and most trafficked e-commerce company in Nigeria, according to globally renowned web information service Our website enjoys about 70,000 unique visitors daily, making us 5th most viewed local content site in Nigeria, sells a broad range of products including fashion, consumer electronics and home appliances, mobile devices, books, baby’s toys and gifts, fragrances, beauty products, games, event tickets; Visit . 

Take care and have a lovely day 


Sunday, May 12, 2013


I was going to Adeola Odeku in Victoria Island, Lagos when I spotted this in traffic, now cos I was with my darling and alone I couldn't take the picture. Fast forward to this evening, I went out with a friend, convinced her to go through this route again, she not only went through this route but she stopped by the side of the road while I took a proper picture. This can only happen in Nigeria don't you think?

Hope you have a good laugh as I did and have a wonderful week ahead.