Sunday, July 31, 2011


Hi guys my weekend was so hectic but it was fulfilling at the same time. Let me gist a little about it.

Today was the photography workshop. I woke up very early to prepare sandwiches for their tea break. After which, I made Jollof rice, salad, grilled chicken and beef. Food was ready on time and by 1pm they ate. They so praised the food that they asked me if I did catering for a living. I laughed within me: "if only they knew how I hated cooking".


The last day for the photography workshop. First of all everything that could go wrong went wrong with the venue. After the sanitation, Temi and I got there @ 11am, only to find the gate locked. We spent 40 minutes trying to locate the worker who kept the keys but he was no where to be found. After breaking and entering, cos we had no choice, the manager finally came. The generator didn't work all through the day, so our clients were without electricity. Imagine paying for something and it's not there. It was so frustrating.
Then for some reason the coconut rice turned out very bad. I just prayed over it and served the food like that. You will not imagine the praise I got. Everybody loved the food, and someone even asked if I could come cook for an event.....
This prayer that God should just color your mistakes is so true and it works.

Besides all the challenges, our clients enjoyed themselves and they learnt a lot. They loved the food dearly.
Note taken: we will never use that venue again and I will not even recommend my enemy to use it".

Now in between the cooking and the running around, I was able to make it for the celebrity reads in Terra Kulture. There I meet in person Bola Essien-Nelson the author of " The Diary of a Desperate Naija Woman". She is so nice. I love her personality, very strong, exciting and she is someone you will definitely want to be friends with. I also made some good friends like " Nathan Akinremi aka FLo... and a musician Korode Bello. I must say this Korode Bello's voice "can make any woman fall in love".


I went to church early, almost didn't go, cos I was so tired but I had to. The "early morning prayer" was so nice and refreshing, I needed that. For I must confess its been a while since I have actually gotten on my knees to pray. The relationship expert Michelle Mckinny Hammond was the guest preacher. I got her novel "Playing God" autographed.
I had planned to listen to her preach, but I had to help out in junior church. So I was stuck teaching the nannies. But I must say I had fun with them.
One thing I have learnt from them: is that they are in their own world and most at times they just need directions. From them I have learnt that a lot of the "christian madams" really discriminate against them. They usually don't have offerings, and are dressed shabbily. But there are some nannies that even you sef will say: "ah my friend your madam is an angel".

Now I will leave you guys as I want to take a nap, and get ready for the" big brother" finals today. I hope Karen wins cos she is so real.

You can imagine Temi, that told me "big brother" was a waste of time, is pleading with me to record it as he will not be around... HMMMMM..

Anyways do take care and hope you have a lovely week ahead.