Thursday, April 7, 2011

Grandma Moses

Grandma Moses didn't start painting until she was 75years old. In fact she actually started cos her arthritis pain wouldn't let her do needle work anymore. Married, she had 10 children, lost 5. Described as a woman who was strong willed.

At age 88 Madmoiselle magazine named grandma Moses a "Young Woman of the year".

For more information about grandma Moses check WIKIPEDIA....

When I first came across this story I was surprised. Could people really fulfill their dreams even when they have clocked 70?

What kind of determination did she posses?

Not only did she become a painter, she died at the age of 101 a renown painter, with beautiful works to her name.

As we celebrate mothers this month I will like you to do me a favor..

I know a lot of us have mothers, aunties, female friends, who have had dreams and have let them die maybe because of society, lack of encouragement or lack of funds etc....

We can encourage them to start whatever it is they have a passion for. Help them fulfill their destiny, their dreams. Show them that they can do it, with your strong belief in them.
Encourage them. Work with them...

For if grandma Moses could become a painter at age 75, our mothers can be anything they want to be, no matter the age.

I have vowed to help my mother fulfill her dream of having a school and a bookshop...
I don't know how its going to work, but I know one thing: " once there is life, there is hope.

Do take care and have a lovely day.

P.S: "My write up just got accepted for an international mag... Thanks to a special friend of mine....
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