Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy New Year

Wow happy new year everybody. I am so grateful seeing this new year. There are a lot of interesting things I have planned out for this year and hopefully I will be able to achieve everyone of it. Now notice I didn't say "New years but they are still my goals and I look forward to achieving everyone of it.

1. Every year I make up my mind that I will get at least one of my books published and finally join the published authors of our time...this has not been an easy feet at all, even though I know deep down maybe I haven't really wanted it so bad, so I have decided to work with a professional editor and have a good edit of my book, if it means denying myself a lot of things I will have to do that, after all they say the end justifies the means. After this I will send my books to every publisher I can think of, if I am not accepted then I have decided that I will go the self publishing route been reading alot about E-publishing.

2.I have finally over come my fear of failing and following my dreams about hand crafts. So from time to time I will be posting my products on my blog for sale and I hope that I will make sales as well. Do not have the money for a website now, so for the mean time I will depend on social media, Facebook, word of mouths, my blog and small trunk shows.

3. I made up my mind that even though I haven't achieved all that I set out to do, I am still so grateful for what God has done in my life and is still doing. So in other to show my gratitude, from time to time I will be giving away free gifts ranging from books to any of my beautiful products. So stay tune and keep coming back to my blog cos you never know when it may be your lucky day.

4. I just started this writers challenge on the 2nd of this month, where we all have to write between 500 to 2000 words everyday and post our progress weekly till the end of January. Now I must say this is so easy but very difficult at the same time, but I must say I have been able to keep it up and like the way its been going. If I am able to do this, then I would have developed the habit of writing everyday no matter how little. Now if you write 2k words a day in the space of 30 days you will have written about 60k words by the end of the month, now that is a novel... so will keep you updated on everything.

5. Temi and I have decided to be more pro active on eating healthy and cutting down on the carbs and fizzy drinks. Eat a lot more fruits and veggies and exercise at least three times a week. Mind you I am still on my mission to loose my baby fat, so lets see how it goes.

6. Reading my bible and praying more often. For me I don't do anything without acknowledging the fact that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

7. As a writer I must be a reader as well, so reading doesn't go out of my to do list. Falling in love more and more with e-readers. more convenient and can be carried everywhere.

Finally I will not beat myself up if I cannot achieve any of these things above, but I promise to do my best and look back and give myself a pat on the back.

I hope we all have interesting plans for the new year and I look forward to learning a lot from you all.

P.S. did I forget to add my interest in fashion as well and that I am going to revamp my blog? I haven't added that I will do all this while taking care of my daughter and my family. Now this mama is going to be a very busy mama, no time for frivolities.....LOL

Take care of yourself and have a happy new year.