Thursday, December 8, 2011


Hello everyone..
Whats up?
Loved the comments and encouragements I got from my last post. Thank you guys you always make my day.
To my new followers WELCOME guys. I promise will love the secretlilies's journey.
Anyways today I thought I should share this with you' ll.
I have been talking a lot about weight gain and weight lose and all.
I used to be 55kg for a very long time. When I mean long time I mean pretty long.
I will drink 5 bottles of coca cola a day and I still didn't add weight.
Anyways in the past 3 years I have slowly gained some extra 5 kilos. Now I am 60kg... sobbing, meaning I have moved from a British size 6 to a British size 8.
anyways I said I wanted to lose weight and they all want to crucify me. Please don't just hear me out....loll..

I have talked to a lot of people and they keep telling me that it's very difficult to loose wight and it can't work. A lot say big girls can't go down to a British size 8 etc.
Because of this I have decided to put myself on a diet and see what it takes. Don't worry I will not starve to death. I will only make sure I loose 5 kilos. So the aim going back to 55.....
I really want to experience a little bit of what people talk about "being on a diet".
I will like to find out if it is very difficult or if it is easy. I also will like to find out how long it will take me to loose just 5 kilos.

I start a diet on Monday and I will follow the diet judiciously by the grace of God.
As I post I will update you guys on my journey and if I can actually stick to the diet or be tempted to eating all the good food in the house. LOL

Another thing: I swear to tell the truth and nothing but the truth.
So the day I, maybe make a mistake I will let you all know.

Anyways do have a lovely day and enjoy the weekend.


  1. whats your diet like.?. I used to be tiny too but then i moved on and accepted the new weight.
    good luck with the diet my dear

  2. Hiiii... if you are a naturally small person, that means you have a higher metabolism, it will be easier for you to lose weight. The topic of weight loss is different per person, that's why no one general diet works for everyone. I lost 25pounds between 2008-2010,with diet and exercise. What you lose is all about what you eat and the way you look after (Tone,shape and Muscles) is a subject of exercise. I intend to actually write a lot about diet on the health section of the new site, hopefully I can share some recipes that will help you with your diet.

  3. Can u pass me whateva u shed? I been trying to gain some for a while. I'm a uk 8 and i wana be size 10 but it's been hard. I've been 10 before so i know it can happen but dnt know y it's diff this time #sigh. Good luck with ur experiment tho

  4. @Mbabazi from your pictures you still look tiny. anyways thanks.
    @9jaFOODie the health talks will really work. Okay thats good. I got inspired from one man that is doing it. will talk about his story in my next post, and as i post.
    @Toinlicious loll how did you go down from a british size 10 to 8?

  5. I've experienced this weight lose issue before. When I was in high school, I was 180 pounds and wore a size 13 (United States). But during sophomore year (summer) of high school, I joined a gym and walked (30 minutes) there from home everyday. I spent about 2 hours or more at the gym and walked back home too. I lost weight during that summer and I was impressed. But now I wear between sizes 3,5,7 (United States)depending on the store or brand. I don't work out now (when I did, I end up quitting, lol), but I try to eat right though.

    Well, all the best of luck to you. Just know that diet isn't really the term you should call it. Lol. You should call it "Limitation". Haha. That is, you're restricting yourself from eating certain foods that are not 'good' for you, but that might tempt you. :)

  6. @sweetly broken really nice. love this comment of yours.

  7. I find diets a lot of hard work and often fail once I start. All the best with yours.

  8. 60kg aint bad now. All the best with your diet plan

  9. All the best with your diet.
    Fastest way to loose 5 kg for me? A bout of malaria. painful but true. lol

  10. *eyes open wide*....I dont gerrit!!!!!!

  11. @Ginger, lmao that is so true oh, malaria is the not so perfect way for losing weight.

    Gaining weight for me is like the most stressful thing ever, eating that much food all in one day makes me want to cry. I find it so hard to gain weight but losing weight is like the easiest thing. Right now I'm trying to gain weight. I tried gaining weight in mid nov. I successfully gained 10 whooping pounds but with school work and everything I lost a whole 6pounds, I was at the point of tears, so my new aim is gaining 16pounds, loool I would make it IJN amen!!! Nice blog secretlilies

  12. I spent my entire morning on your blog. No regrets so far.

    Ɣξα̲̅, I'm crucifying you. 55kg-60kg and you want my sympathy? Oh no!!! No way. ‎​ℓ☺ℓ.
    I've been 64kg forever post-secondary school and now 10years post. I can't lose (sob sob).
    Fastest way †o lose, have a bout of diarrhoea and you dehydrate then ff-up with malaria. Lololololololol.

    Nice blog.