Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Writers Group

Good morning y'all...
I know we may not be too excited about today cos we have to go to work after a public holiday that almost came into riots.. hmm the name change of the University of Lagos (loll that's a story for another day) God please help Nigeria.

Anyways if you have been following me for a while, you will remember that I had a post about writers forums, and how they can be of great help to up coming writers especially in this part of the world. Even though I was thinking of starting one, which I couldn't. A group of people came together and started one. The first meeting was on Sunday the 27th of May, and it was fantastic. I learnt a lot.

Really there are a lot of hidden talents in this country I must say.
Wow what people wrote.. really fantastic stuff. After the session, we all went with something: "write outside the box. Cos it sometimes seems that we as African writers, almost all write one theme. (that's why one of my greatest fans is Myne Whitman. I love the genres she writes).

Another thing I love about a writers group, its ability it gives its members to task their brains. It also makes the writers more confident in their work. (Before I went there I had thought that my unfinished novel was just terrible. but after I read my work, I was amazed at the feedback I got. loll. (Constructive criticism and very on point).

Well I want to say thank you to the organizer of the writers group it has been of tremendous help. Even though I am cracking my brain right now, about the topic we were given. (sobs)...

N/B please if you have been benefitted from a writers forum, let us know. Thank you.

Do take care of yourself and have a lovely wet day in Lagos.


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Discovering One's self

Hello everyone. How are you?
I hope we are all good.
Anyways just saying a big thank you to all my followers. I really appreciate the comments. They are always refreshing.
And to all my friends who just read and aren't followers thank you too.

I don't know why I haven't put this up please there is a garage sale coming up on the 9th of June in lekki, Lagos. The proceeds would be given to an NGO that specializes in rehabilitating touts and prostitutes. Please if you have anything, in good shape and can be donated, just let me know and we will be very grateful.
My phone number: 08094440178

Anyways I wanted to post about something, but just got off the phone and the conversation has triggered a different topic. Someone just sent me an application for a job with languages in foreign affairs, in Abuja. I told the person thank you but that I wasn't interested.
Okay so the person now goes on to tell me to pray that the God that has blest my husband should continue blessing him cos business is very risky, and having a 9 to 5 is very stable. I just got the feeling that the person actually had the feeling that all I did was lounge at home, as a housewife, enjoying the fruits of my husbands labour... loll (which is not bad if you ask me). But I hope you all remember that we are on a budget in my house, so I can't be lounging (that one is another story for another day)...

I now got into the details of telling the person who I am...:

"As I grow older I find myself discovering a part of myself I had hidden a long time ago, due to society..

I would rather work in a radio station, as an on line personality than work in the foreign affairs, oil companies, or embassies.
I would rather drive a yellow ferrari, Bugatti Veron, sports bike, or a truck than drive an SUV or what we Nigerians know as JEEP..loll or a Toyota.
I would rather dye my hair red, or midnight blue than black.

the list goes on an on,
but in general I have decided that I will start/and continue being myself.

I shout it out loud, I do not want to have a 9 to 5, not my intention at all and i pray to God He grants me my desires.
I want to be famous for the changes I have made positively in this world, not by being a manager in one company.
And above all I just want to be me...
Do you think I am asking for too much?

Have a nice day dearies and happy democracy day.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Old Wives Tale

Hi everyone. Hope you all preparing for the weekend.. I am cos I get to have the house all to myself, Just Temi and I (winks). I have told my younger brother to find a place to put his head for the weekend. loll...

Anyways I also want to use this opportunity to say Temi thank you for the lovely time it was priceless. wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

K back to the topic of the day.. I was on the phone with a friend of mine and we were talking about a lady who just gave birth to her baby at 7 months. Then she said the most unimaginable thing: she said: "thank God the child was born at 7 months not 8 months". So I asked why? And she said that the baby will not survive at 8 months because the entire organs get reconstructed again for the final stage which is 9 months. I laughed out loud and asked her where she had heard this. She said it was everywhere. Apparently a lot of mothers, women talk about this in Nigeria.
Okay so not trying to sound cocky or argumentative, I told her that I was going to check the Internet and see what comes out. Lo and behold what did I see:

"that this tale is categorized as "Old Wives tale". According to research the closer the baby's EDD, the higher the baby's survival. So a baby born at 8 months is sometimes considered as full term and may not need to be put in a incubator, but the child born at 7 months may be put in an incubator for a while.

My question: "why do we always believe what we hear without actually verifying the information? One would think that only illiterates have this issues but apparently educated people as well.

Note to self : I am going to verify things I hear before I repeat them, cos apparently a lot of people really aren't sure of the things they say.

N/B: Business meeting for women on the 9th of June. Venue : Cactus, Ozumba Way, Victoria Island, Lagos.
For more information please call 08094441078 or send me an email :

Have a lovely weekend.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Living With Your Husband In His Father's House/ Good or Bad

Hi everyone: thank you so much for your comments and suggestion as to what to do when one is bored. Anyways I have taken a few and I am trying to implement them. lol

Now to the topic of today, for the greater part of last night, a chat group almost ran down my battery with talks about women not being able to grow with a man any more. Almost all the men in the group were of the opinion that the woman of today just wants to get married to men who are rich, live in mansions and drive big cars... hmmmmm... Now is this true? Or are the men just being biased?

After a while the guys threw this question to the ladies... "will you live with your husband in a one room, in his father's house?"... Now this is where I draw the line. I can't live with a man in his father's house... even the Bible says " a man shall leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife and they shall become one". I believe couples need a lot of privacy, especially in the beginning of their marriage, without the interference of in laws.

The story of the lady that killed her husband, in Port Harcourt, was caused by the lady's sister in law. The sister in law (i.e. the mans sister), loved to pry into her brother's business. The last straw was when the sister moved into her brother's house and guess where she slept every night? In the couple's room. On their bed. What rubbish?
The sad part of the story is that the man couldn't see the abnormality of his sitter sleeping in the same room as himself and his wife.

I am not saying that all in laws are bad, but I know one thing every couple in Nigeria needs a space of their own, no matter how little.

Do take care of yourself and have a lovely weekend.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Long time/ boredom/ PHCN's unfulfilled promises/Sighs

Hi everyone, its seems as though I have been covering my face in shame for a while now. 
Not blogged, just been there. 
If you ask me what I have been doing I don't really know. 
Anyways as I came on line now my friend ZAINAB MUSA of, pushed me to blog. She even suggested I blog about boredom... loll so I will do just that.

About two days ago boredom nearly killed me, I will not lie. There wasn't any light as PHCN, has gradually forgotten about the citizens of Nigeria. I couldn't go to the cinema to watch a movie, cos Uncle (I hope you all remember who uncle is and why his name is now uncle), has told me that we are on a budget, so I just sat at home and gave in to the boredom.

My question: "are you ever bored? If yes please can you tell what you do when boredom sets in? Cos it was tragic for me..loll..
I called about 5 of my friends asking if I could come over to their houses, you know what, everyone was busy...(sobbing). 

Now back to PHCN... I asked a question: "whether Inverter (for those of us who know it) is a substitute for electricity, in Nigeria. For me, personally I detest inverter, cos I can only use lights and fans. The more appliances one uses the quicker the battery life drains. So why should I have it.  
Well what can I say I have an inverter, even though I don't like it, I put up with its rubbish. 

Enough of my lamentations, please let me know what's up with your lives? Anything interesting? Please gist me.

Lastly I will like to say happy birthday to my uncle, Uncle Gbilama, who was like a father to me. If he was alive I would have called him and wished him a very happy and prosperous birthday, but he has gone. He is still dear to my heart and I miss him so much.