Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Discovering One's self

Hello everyone. How are you?
I hope we are all good.
Anyways just saying a big thank you to all my followers. I really appreciate the comments. They are always refreshing.
And to all my friends who just read and aren't followers thank you too.

I don't know why I haven't put this up please there is a garage sale coming up on the 9th of June in lekki, Lagos. The proceeds would be given to an NGO that specializes in rehabilitating touts and prostitutes. Please if you have anything, in good shape and can be donated, just let me know and we will be very grateful.
My phone number: 08094440178
Email: tmkamson@gmail.com

Anyways I wanted to post about something, but just got off the phone and the conversation has triggered a different topic. Someone just sent me an application for a job with languages in foreign affairs, in Abuja. I told the person thank you but that I wasn't interested.
Okay so the person now goes on to tell me to pray that the God that has blest my husband should continue blessing him cos business is very risky, and having a 9 to 5 is very stable. I just got the feeling that the person actually had the feeling that all I did was lounge at home, as a housewife, enjoying the fruits of my husbands labour... loll (which is not bad if you ask me). But I hope you all remember that we are on a budget in my house, so I can't be lounging now...lol (that one is another story for another day)...

I now got into the details of telling the person who I am...:

"As I grow older I find myself discovering a part of myself I had hidden a long time ago, due to society..

I would rather work in a radio station, as an on line personality than work in the foreign affairs, oil companies, or embassies.
I would rather drive a yellow ferrari, Bugatti Veron, sports bike, or a truck than drive an SUV or what we Nigerians know as JEEP..loll or a Toyota.
I would rather dye my hair red, or midnight blue than black.

the list goes on an on,
but in general I have decided that I will start/and continue being myself.

I shout it out loud, I do not want to have a 9 to 5, not my intention at all and i pray to God He grants me my desires.
I want to be famous for the changes I have made positively in this world, not by being a manager in one company.
And above all I just want to be me...
Do you think I am asking for too much?

Have a nice day dearies and happy democracy day.


  1. There is nothing like finding yourself and knowing who you are and why you are here. I believe this is a continuous journey but there are milestones along the way and you have obviously reached the one where you know exactly what meaningful life looks like to you and you won't let anyone take that from you.....Bravo!

    Many more of us should be like-minded. Too many people running the races in other people's lanes!

  2. hmmm...quite a rant going on there #nocomments

  3. Its good to know what we want in this life and go for it. Sometimes, we might have to do what we don't want cos the situation is not conducive. If you were not married and had to cater for yourself by yourself only, you might have had to take a 8-5 job for a while, till you can make some money to do what you really want.

    What I am saying is that we don't always get what suits us.

    1. very true. I Had an 8 to 5 job when i was single. and yes cos i have support no matter how little i can do my thing.