Friday, December 2, 2011

Domestic Violence

Hello whats up?
Thank God its Friday.
Let the week just roll it in, we have lots of fun activities lined up.

Anyways a few days ago some neighbors called the cops and accused a lady of domestic violence. When the cops got to the house, they found the lady stabbing her daughter.
when the lady was asked to stop she refused so they had no choice but to gun the woman down. The sad fact about the story was that the daughter died from the stab wounds...
although they found her other child outside, who she had tossed out the window..

My question is that how can a mother be so heartless. If you tell me she spanked her child I would have said okay, that's a different story, but this isn't spanking at all, she took a knife and was stabbed her daughter repeatedly.
What got into her?
What was she thinking?
How could she do this?
In fact how did she get this way?

Such a sad story.
Like one of my friend's said on facebook: "she wishes she can just take a remote control and press the pause or stop button and all the evil news will stop coming. I feel like that too at times.

Anyways happy weekend and please make sure you go for the garage sales happening on saturday the 3rd of this month i.e. tomorrow at Bibi's cottage, Admiralty way, across from Tanalaziers, Lekki phase 1. 9.a.m-5pm. Proceeds will be used to rehabilitate rape victims etc.

Please do check the link below and tell me what you think.
Thank you and have a lovely weekend