Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My Motherhood Journey

Hi guys..congrats to Obama for winning.
Another 4 years: let's see what going to happen. I must say the man has some good strong will and determination.

Anyways Monday of this week my daughter became 7 weeks. I can't believe she's already 7weeks old. Wasn't it yesterday I gave birth to her?
Well as she grows older her pattern changes: now she is learning how to play and how to smile.
I can see the way she struggles to smile when I make faces at her. The thing I don't like, is the gas issue all babies have. She finds it difficult to pass gas and it always hurts. I hear they will get over it soon I can't wait.
With babies they have to learn every little thing: from how to talk to how to suckle to how to walk. Another thing I have noticed: my daughter has learnt to fight sleep. She wants to stay up more, so she fights the sleep. Who says you can fight nature I hope she realizes it soon.

Anyways yesterday I let her cry for over thirty I am not being mean, I was teaching her discipline. It's never to late to discipline one's child. She now likes to be carried all the time courtesy "her grandma"... When I get back and its only me at home with her, do you think I will have the time to carry her 24/7? No and it's not a good habit at that.

Note to self: all grandparents spoil their grandchildren.

During the months of being pregnant I studied a lot about kids who grow up abroad, like in Europe or America, I am talking about America now: "their children are a lot more disciplined than ours. They have their bed times even as early as 3 months. A mother said that she taught her 3 months old baby to start sleeping by 7 p.m and wake by 7 a.m. Her son is 2 years old now and he still does that. In fact now he takes himself to bed. She says with this she can be able to do a lot of things, ETC tidy the house, cook, relax, read as she is a student, be there for her husband and prepare for the next day.

Now I have a friend who complains every time that she doesn't get enough sleep and that she is always tired. When I suggested she develops a sleep pattern for her baby she screamed that it's not possible. How will she not be tired always, when even at 2 years her baby still sleeps by 1 a.m every day and wakes up in the night for Milo....

Note to self: babies can listen to you as early as 4 months... babies no matter how little know what they are doing, and they try to manipulate you.

Explain to me how my daughter knows the difference between someone's body and her bed. She can even tell the difference between her own court and the big bed, and she is what? 7 weeks.

Anyways my breastfeeding journey: my daughter cries a lot and it bothers me. I tried everything I could think of but it didn't work, until I started adding formula into the breast milk. I will pump and mix it with formula. This she loved and will eat to her satisfaction. I just discovered that my breast milk doesn't satisfy her as she is always hungry.

My plan was to do baby friendly till about 6 months, but this doesn't seem like it will happen. I have been chastised for giving my baby formula. In fact a lot of Nigerians have told me that my daughter will not know me and will not be close to me in future because I didn't breast feed her. (You all know this theory is so wrong), even though I have put that off, it still bothered me and I continued breastfeeding and she was constantly crying.

Now I will just transition gradually to formula, before I starve Yosola to death. LOL

Do have a lovely day