Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Hi guys.. its been a while and I missed all of you. Sorry I have been incommunicado, I went on hoils and got lazy posting. But anyways I am back and I promise this will not repeat itself again.
So what has been happening in your lives, please gist me?

For me I have learnt that life for a lot of people isn't as it seems. A lot of Nigerians living abroad are suffering.

I have learnt that there are Rats in London...loll.. " Now why I say this is because I overheard a conversation between 2 ladies in the salon, and one of them said that there weren't any rats in London"....... Can you imagine my shock? They so have Rats and next time I travel I have been asked to bring Nigerian Rat poison, it works wonders..loll

Lastly I have learnt that from next year international students in the UK will not be given 2 years post study visa. They will be shoved back home after spending millions on education... How sad....But then again if our Government transforms our educational system. create jobs for the youth, wouldn't Nigeria be a better place?

This should be a challenge to our Government that we should make our educational system really "the best harbor of education".. if there is anything like that..

Oh well enough of all the hard stuff, genuinely how r u? I hope fine? How did you all survive through the Lagos rain of last Sunday? If you ask me that was Nigeria's natural disaster.
I hope it doesn't rain like that anymore. For the last thing we need in this country is "natural disaster"

Take care of yourself and have a lovely day.