Monday, January 9, 2012


Whats up?
I just realized that I now have 150 followers yippee I am so excited. Thank you dearies for making my day.

Now back to the topic for today.. Strange if you ask me right?
I honestly didn't know what to post about. I thought: should I post about the uprising in Nigeria? Then I decided no. I guess you all have heard a lot about what is going on. I pray everything gets sorted out.
I thought again: which inspirational or motivational story should I talk about? There wasn't anyone that I had researched on, as I have been a little bit slow on the research...

Then I decided that I will just talk about my random musings....

Since I began writing and I realized how difficult it was for a Nigerian up coming authors or any other upcoming authors to get into the publishing world, I have tried to find out what can be done, to make it better.
What can be done to have more books by Nigerians sold in bookshops all over the world, and translated in different languages...

Then it occurred to me that as an upcoming writer, it would be very good to join a writing association. That's nice, helps your writing. Improves it. Educates you. Keeps you informed in the book world. Boost your confidence. Helps you meet literary agents and publishers etc

This is very good. But where are the writing organizations? I haven't seen anyone. If at all there are I am sure it must be in Lagos or online.

This is just a suggestion and I think writers, should look into IT. If there isn't an organization of writers in your state, or country I think you should take the initiative and start one. Everyone or almost everyone is on facebook. We all have lots of colleagues, classmates, neighbors, church friends, mosque friends, blackberry friends and groups etc. Start with them. Just spread the word about starting a writing association, a forum where writers can be helped, and you would be so surprised how many people have unwritten books and articles stored up in their hearts, anxiously waiting for it to burst out.

Secondly I suggest you get an editor, a book expert, a writer in your group. It's very good to have your works looked at by a writer.

Thirdly make sure your writing group is very effective. Lay the ground rules from the beginning. Everybody should be prompt and meeting should start on time. The basis of this writing group is to developed writers, critique their work, guide them to the path way of good edited, mind blowing novels. So please for whatever reason do not use the time spent talking about personal issues, if they don't have anything to do with the literary works of the members.

Fourthly make sure you have a limit. So if you want to have 20 members or 10 make sure you don't exceed this amount. You have just started something new and very risky, even though it has a lot of potentials, you don't want it to be crowded and you want it to be simple.

Fifthly the issue of location comes into play. If you cannot use a venue, you can choose a restaurant that is affordable and has a nice ambiance. But make sure all your members come with cash to actually have a meal and a drink that day. I am very sure the management of any restaurant would kick 20 people out if they spend 1 to 2 hours sitting down just occupying space. If you decide to use someone's house as the venue, if you can, light refreshment should be offered by you on the very first day of the meeting. But consequent meetings the members should be told to come with refreshments. This would put the strain of entertaining away from you, and also bring in the brotherly love that says: "there is love in sharing". Note that events that do not accompany refreshments, no matter how little leaves a sour taste in the mouths of the invitees.

Anyways a group of friends and I are actually thinking of starting a writers club sometime this year. I hope it works out and I hope it helps. Since I would just be a member, I will see how it goes.

I would like to recommend someone to you'll she is fantastic and a good editor and she is good with turning your stories into mind-blowing novels " Atilola Moronfolu,". If you do not know her please you had better check her out. She has been of tremendous help to me.

I almost forgot check out this site Good source for up coming authors.

N.B Do you know about the book "The Help" (it's gotten a lot of publicity I must say).
Do you know that the author Kathryn Stockett, was rejected about a 100 times, before she got published..OMG..

Do have a lovely day.