Saturday, December 1, 2012

Happy New Month

I would have titled this post sites and sounds of Jamaica but I am not sure I will be able to upload the pictures. Anyways I will just try, and see what happens.

A little about Jamaica: it's very dear to my heart as it is a small island of about 3 million people, as you all know I come from a very small island, in Rivers state called Bonny. We aren't up to 3 million but its not so small. It's just the right size and very good for tourism.
Jamaica makes a lot of revenue from tourism. I wonder why we can't do that in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria, even Lagos state is surrounded by water as well. hmmm very sad.
Sometimes I wish the oil will dry up so that we all go back to life without oil. I know this for a fact :the day Nigeria starts feeding itself as a country, Nigeria's development will sky rocket. Enough of all the sad talk lets move one to brighter things...

I wonder what it will be like on top of that mountain..Scary
I hope you can see the building on the hills..wish i can live there.

Alright I was able to upload the pix. I basically took the scenery.
Jamaica is a very hilly country and living on top of the mountains is like living in Beverly hills. It is even called Beverly hills

Can you imagine that Christmas is almost here? I am speechless as to how time flies. Well we just thank God for keeping us all through the year.

I want us to look back and tick of the things we have achieved so far this year. Please don't beat yourself if you feel you haven't achieved anything. Everything will fall into place in due time.

For me I have

1. grown better in my writing, even though I haven't published any books as I thought I would have....

2. I have become a mother so that is a new job description added to my CV.  I have also learnt to appreciate the little pleasures of life: like merely sitting down to eat and savoring a perfectly good meal. I don't do that any more. I am always eating on the go, you never know when madam will be up demanding your attention with no questions asked..LOL.
3. I also have learnt to prioritize my time a lot more. I hardly waste it on just surfing the net, or gossiping I am on the go. Any little time I have I use it judiciously.
4. I still haven't started my business but I thank God for the ideas I have been writing down, cos it will become a reality soon.
5. My transition into a naturalista has become finally. I am not going back. So I have started researching and working on it. Men!!!!! I want my hair as long as the Jamaican Men's hair. You won't believe it they have longer hair than their women...Ironic right. I have started the regime of washing my hair, and conditioning bimonthly.
 Getting yarn braids soon, cos the styling of natural hair ain't easy, and I am running out of patience..

For all the other things I hope to have achieved this year and I haven't, I am not beating myself about it, cos I know I will achieve everything one day..

Enough about me, tell me what you have achieved so far. I will love to read about it.

P.S. "Myne whitman has started a new series on her blog...its very entertaining I think you should all check it out.

let me leave with this song, which i absolutely love.
Do have a wonderful weekend.