Friday, April 12, 2013


Hi all thank you for the comments and emails and facebook messages love it.. I am still in the giveaway mood so will soon pick the winner very soon...P.S. its random....

I have a bag that I am not sure I like the design and I will like your opinions.. I loved the color and the blend and it looked so nice in my head but when it came to work I think it was a little dull. I am not sure why... but let me allow you guys to be the judge..

So this is the design. I don't know why I am not feeling it, although I have gotten a client who loves this bag. Let me know what you think and do check out this new website.. I love the write up.... cos it has my products in

Tips on starting a new business..

1. It's not as easy as you see it. Now one thinks that when you are into fashion its very glamorous and all, but under that glamor it is hard work... I can't even imagine... I have restricted funds, meaning I have to make sure my products sell... anyways will feed you all as the months go by.

Do take care of yourself and have a lovely weekend.....

And please spread the word...