Monday, September 26, 2011

Determination Needed ASAP

Hi guys...
Today, like my friend just said I have grown 5 years older.
Life isn't easy at all.

Okay rewind.. pause... Why am I lamenting?

Today I really , really, started my handbag journey and I must say that it is not easy at all. Did I actually think that the construction of a handbag was so easy...I was so wrong... I must have been dreaming... Or maybe in wonderland...

It's so difficult and very detailed. You have to be able to envision, draw, construct, and be so detailed about your work of art.

Yepa!!!!!! You must have determination if not you will just run away.
Is there anything in this life that is easy... haba...

Anyways in my lamentation I remembered this song I used to sing as a little child. " with Jesus and determination I will do my best".

This is my motto from now on and I am sure I will do my best.

Right now I have hushed my month about being a bag maker, till I am perfect.. loll..

Anyways thank you Amina you are a darling and God sent.

Do have a good night's rest and remember " with Jesus and determination you can do your best".