Tuesday, April 3, 2012

SOrry, SOrry, SOrry

Hello everyone, I am so sorry I know I have been underground for a very long time. My commitments on line have suffered, a lot.. I can't begin to explain.
Anyways I have learnt one thing though its so tough to follow up on a decision when you have decided on it. It takes determination, understanding, patience and continuity... and I mean this for everything.
As the days go by I will gist you about some of the things that helped slowed me down these past couple of weeks...loll.

Anyways in my off and on reading of recent, I have read a lot stories about women who have been battered by their spouses. The stories are so disheartening that you don't even know where to begin.

My question is this:

Has wife battering become the norm or has it been going on for decades, but women have become more vocal about it?

Whatever it is I speak strongly against men beating up their spouses or girlfriends. Violence of whatever form is very terrible and should be stopped.

Secondly I will like to advocate that women in Nigeria should learn to be their sisters keepers. There are a lot of things happening in the female community that I don't know where to begin. For starters... women have started speaking up against the discrimination they have had to endure from society over the years... Sadly a lot of the oppression women receive in this part of the world are instigated by their fellow women..

Like women that have troubles with their in laws: who are the culprits: usually their mother in laws or their sister is laws..etc..

Women who are harassed about not having male children or who are childless: who are their oppressors? women..

Women who go through hell when their husbands suddenly dies: who are the culprits: women...

Hmmm I ask myself if life as a woman should be tough or a chore? Is life easier on men than women? Would WOMEN have to go through pain or constant battles before society would see them as equals? A lot of questions, very few answers...
For me I constantly stand against female oppression of whatever reason, and will try in my little way to fight against it.

Notez Bien: no offense: to my male followers: I also congratulate the men that allow their women fly and encourage female liberation. Thank you.

I have said enough for one day... definitely coming back with juicy gist, so stay tuned.

Will like to announce the beginning of a little business group started for women, a platform where they can come and share their problems as women in business in Nigeria and get the support they need. Meeting details will be made known to you as soon as possible.

Thank you and have a lovely day.



  1. It's a miracle! She's back! lol. Welcome back. *grabs front seat for juicy gist*

  2. Yay, she's back oo. Better go to my blog and read every single thing you've missed or else....

  3. Whoa! Honestly though... for the past 5 months or so no week (or 2) has gone by w/o some news on Linda Ikeji's blog about a woman having acid poured on her, being burned or being stabbed and I just want to shake myself... "IN THE 21st Century?" ....May God have mercy though

  4. I don't think its new nor do i think more women are speaking out. As with everything, technology makes it much easier for word to spread about certain things.

    Please don't suggest that life is easier on men to a man lol. I tried that once or twice and each time i got my head chewed off lol

  5. 1st of all,welcome back. hmm the issue of women being molested is just out of hand and i guess the authorities have to up THEIR SPEED..if they do that people would think twice before acting...IN Ghana The introduction of WAJU "Women and Juvenile unit" has been a success and although we still hear cases of molestations,its not like it use to...

  6. I've been missing you with style o, lol. Waiting for you to be back in full.

  7. You nailed it Ibifiri. Women must stand beside other women in this world and for real. Not just with mouth or fancy words.

    It is such a complex issue that you have raised and I honestly cannot see it ever going away BUT I believe structures can be put in place to deal with this medussa-like menace to women. And first on my list would be 'shelter'. Right now, my heart bleeds for our country cos we have no where for battered women to run to. No shelters, no half way homes, nothing. So even when a woman knows her life is in danger or she just needs somewhere to go and think (without being preached at), she has no where to go so she stays put....till death comes calling. This is a real burden I have had for a while made heavier by all the stories we have all read about recently.....

    Welcome back!