Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sometimes You Want To Hurt Back

Have you ever been in a situation where you just want to lash out at the ones you love. When you feel like hurting them back because of what they have done to you or because of the hurt you feel right now. Have you ever wondered why it is only the people you love that hurt you and see your pain. Have you ever wondered why in spite of the hurt, in spite of what they have done to you, you are expected to say sorry first because society dims fit or it is the right thing to do? Do not worry you are not alone. Everyone at one time or the other has been hurt by a loved one. It may have been so bad that suicide became an option.
I am here to tell you that you should just let go and move on. Forgiving and forgetting is not easy at all, don't let anybody lie to you, but when you choose to forgive and forget, it is one of the best thing in life.
As this new month begins, decide in your heart to forgive everyone, forgive your love ones, forgive your husband or wife who has cheated on you several times, forgive your father who was never there for you as a child, forgive your dear friend who betrayed you, forgive your colleagues who set you up, forgive everybody no matter the crime and trust me life will be better.
Take care of yourself and have a blessed, fulfilled, fantastic new month. Ciao