Thursday, May 26, 2011

What Will You Do If Your Brother's Fiancee is a Prostitute

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Driving past law school around 10pm I saw the night workers all dressed scantily scouting around for customers. I could even spot one or two cars who had stopped, waiting for the girls to come on board after a nice bargain...

I asked myself this question: "what will I do if I found out that the girl my precious brother wanted to marry was once a prostitute?

Honestly I know I will rant and rave and try to frustrate the girl out of my brother's life.
I am sure my mother will drag my brother from one pastor to another so they could cast the demons away
As for my father its a definite " his blood sugar will rise to boiling point...

But then, do I even know why this girl got into prostitution at all?
It's so easy for me to judge when I have never lived in want?
It's so easy for me to condemn when I have never gone hungry, even for an hour.

Even though I rebuke my self, I still am not sure I will let the girl step into my brother's life... and what if to add to the wahala, she can never have children...

ewwooo in this country?
In Africa?
In Nigeria?
That means no son to carry the family name when we all leave this earth.....

For me this is such a tough decision.
That's why I have asked this question, and I will like to know your reaction genuinely...

I know its not our right to judge people but can we help it when it's close to home?

Do have a great day and looking forward to reading your comments.