Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sharing my thoughts

Hi people guess a lot of us in Lagos were grateful for the rain today. For starters I was.
I love the weather after 1 week of excruciating sun. What do you think?
Well around 9am today, some friends and I went to the old people's home in Yaba.. Yes we do have an "old peoples home" in Nigeria. Imagine that...

About 2 weeks ago we had organized a garage sale for them and to the glory of God the sales was fantastic. I couldn't even believe the amount of money we got... There were a lot of things for sales from women shoes to baby clothes to men's clothes..

From the minute we started at 10am till the moment we rounded up by 4pm people came trooping in and purchasing, they were!!!!!!

As promised the proceeds will be used to take care of the old people in the "home".

Trust me its really gratifying when you make a difference in someones lives. The feeling is undesirable...
I urge you to do something to change someone's life today.

Do have a great day and I'm still keeping my fingers crossed: "my secret will soon be unveiled...loll..

Before I say ciao, I will like to say well done and thank you to a special friend of mine Zainab Musa... check out her blog

She really is someone one can count out.

Do take care of yourself and have a great weekend.