Sunday, November 20, 2011

Happy Sunday

I promised myself that I was going to post almost everyday...HMMM....
Very difficult I must say. Cos right now I don't know what to talk about.
Okay I am working on my fourth novel:
Its basically a marriage of convenience story. I have always been in love with novels that have begin with arranged marriages, so I decided to write about one.
In my book I will like the lady to be plain, a little bit chubby and not a very confident person. She isn't the hero's speck it you know what I mean, but she is the practical one for the job. She will fit the profile very well.

What do you think? should the heroine be plain or pretty?

I want to add a little suspense to this work just like sandra browns books.

The problem is that It also have to deal with the fact that the nigerian police isn't like the FBI's and the CIA's so how do I write a story that is convincing and also real, to my Nigerian readers especially.
What do you think?
Should I make the nigeria police what they are not or should I look for another plot.
lASTY do you think this book will be worth your read?

And yes I just remembered in the Frankfurt airport I went to a book stand looking for books in french, to my disappointment I didn't find it.. But what struck me was that the only african author I saw was " Chike and the River", by Chinua Achebe and he is Nigerian, I was impressed.
But I think we need a lot more Nigerian and AFRICAN writers with their books translated in different languages and in almost all the bookshops in the world...

Anyways just let me know what u think about my little plot. If you want more details I will be more that happy to help.
Take care of yourself babes and have a lovely new week.