Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My First Kiss

Hello everyone I hope you had a great day.
I did.
I had a meeting with some very nice people and it was very educative.
Anyways to the topic of today: My first kiss..
hmm when was it?

A little boy I love so dearly, he is going to be 4 next month, told his mum about a girl he likes in his class. His words and I quote

Little boy: " mummy I saw Bidemi today she made her hair and she was very fine.
Mother (shocked): Really how did she make her hair?
Little boy: "she tied it up. (An hour later): The little boy said: I will marry Bidemi..

My observation children nowadays are so advanced. They know a lot of things we feel they don't know. Secondly as parents we should be our children's best friend. Since the little boy is very close to his mother, he was comfortable telling her how he felt. A child who talks to his parent will tell them anything, giving them the opportunity to direct them in the right path.

Thirdly this got me thinking about my first kiss. How was it? When did I have my first kiss? Was it like I had read in all the Mills & Boons?

I must admit that my first kiss was rushed, tongue in my month, swallowing spit.. And to add to it I got into trouble that day with my parents for I got home late from my first party.... Not a good experience at all. Didn't find that funny at all, although that was my own opinion, for the boy, he was so happy. He felt like he had conquered the world.
How old was I? I was 13 years old and in S.S.1.
Wow!!! Was that late? I had friends who had had their first kiss way younger than that....

What did I do?
Cos of my experience I decided that when I wanted to kiss again, it had to be in a very romantic way not rushed or spit swallowing

Anyways that's my experience what about yours. Your first kiss.. What was your experience?

P.S. " thank you guys for your comments. It always makes my day when I see your comments. Good encouragement.

Do have a lovely day. & They both put up some new collections. Do check it out.



  1. SS1 first kiss???? OMG, I never kissed till I entered university and mehnn, it was funny, I tell you, I was like ewww and I think it's coz I never expected that and it was from someone I never expected a kiss from but I had a first real kiss later, uhhhhh,heaven did open that day.
    maybe I should do a post on that

  2. lol @ gretel. Yes, in answering your question I did have a very fulfilling day. My first kiss, hmph... omo that one pass nollywood movie o. Tori for another day, lol. HOw've you been Tammy?

  3. Blessings....

    First kiss swapping spit at 13? Good mercy, that is young but i know as you say others have had it earlier. Glad you had a good day, mind was as well just stopped in to say hello and wish you a splendid evening.


  4. I was 13, too! I was in "puppy love" for the next two years-lol:-)

    Yes, Tam I need to email you. We are doing a small event in November and a larger one in 2012. It is your choice which one you would like to be a part of. I just got the event artwork and information up on the blog today about the November event and we will be making a small announcement on the local morning news show like last time:-)

  5. Mine was soo embarrassing, I won't even give you the details.
    I was 12 (covers face in shame), but I was already in SSS2 and had the mind of a 15 year old.

  6. Lool! This made me smile Phiri.. Hmm, 13 late?! You must be kidding! I wont expose myself here but trust me when i say 13 was wayyy tooo young for me! At that age and in my naivety, if you were 13 and reading M&B then you were def a bad gurl! lol.. This post has spurned a thread in my head, thinking in the lines of doing a similar first kisser might not like what i have to say so maybe its best i 'literally' keep my lips sealed! lol

  7. Choi.,.badt shile that I was,I cant even remember when mine was..

  8. My first kiss was sweet but I was in uni then, lol...

  9. The little boy reminded me of a time when I came home crying to my parents that I was gonna marry a girl, who was sorta like my cousin. They were laughing at me! I was in Primary four at this time, lol.

  10. @gretel loll maybe you should.
    @Nollywood Reinvented lol. I have am fine dear.
    @Rhapsody B lol i read ROOTS BY ALEX HARLEY when i was 8 years old. SO by 13 i had the mind of an 18years old. I knew all about sex and i knew that kissing was the highest crime i could commit. No sex/ no lies.
    @Meredith (TCFP) will check you blog out Think i can make it for November.
    @ilola yep i understand.
    @Chinny loli wasnt a bad child just very matured for my age. I am also prayer my first kisser doesn't read this post too. LOL.
    @Honey Dame LOL i guess if my mum reads this post she will think the same way.
    @Myne Whitman wow that was old. But glad you loved it.
    @aeWHYoh LOL..

  11. :) My first kiss.... I think I was in JS3 or SS1, it was after watchnight/crossover service. While our mates were praying for a glorious year, we were kissing (lol) but it was nice.

  12. Lol enjoying your blog. Nice seeing you last wk and keep going with the bags..

  13. @mstizzle OMG.
    @minkudesigns thank you dear. Yes and i had fun seeing you that day to.

  14. lool.. my first kiss was very cute unplanned.. but amazing.. ukno the buttefly ones lol.. it was brief but lovely . x

  15. I had finished university when I had my first kiss no lie.
    I have very traditional views on dating and marriage.
    If you ain't ready to walk the aisle then don't be kissing nobody :) LOL