Saturday, January 7, 2012

Question: "Ladies Do You Wish You Were Born A Guy?

Hello everyone..
Menn!!!!! I really loved all the comments I got from my last post..
Don't worry all, we would all be a part of the change in Nigeria.

Two days ago I put up a question on my BB profile..:
Question: " Ladies do you which you were born a guy?"
And you would not believe the amount of replies I got.
Some ladies said they which they were born men. When I asked why, they told me cos its a man's world.
One actually went on to tell me that the women do everything in the home. The are subjected to cooking, taking care of the home, forgiven their husbands when he cheats on them, take rubbish from their in laws, suffer the shame of not having kids alone, suffer the fear or mistress or second or third wives etc

Some told me that they wouldn't change being a woman for anything in the world. They talked about the joy of motherhood. The joy of fashion and loving all the numerous options in the fashion world for women. Their strength, their emotions, their ability to stay strong in times of adversaries. The joy and pain of fighting for female equality etc..

hmm strong touching words if you ask me.
For me I am proud to be a women. Yes I love the fashion... hmmm we have the best options in the world.
I love the emotions..
I love the fact that we can be fierce and soft at the same time.
I love the fact that we aren't ashamed to cry when the opportunities permit it.
I love the joy of motherhood, the maternal instinct.
I love the sixth sense that our Maker has given us.
I love everything about a woman and I am proud to be one, no matter what anybody says.

N/B I haven't taken coca cola since Sunday. I am so happy. And guess what the diet stuff is back. I have succeeded in loosing 3kg, 4 more to go. Determination is the key dearies.
Do take care and have a lovely day.

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