Sunday, January 29, 2012

Joe Girard's 250 Rule

Hello everyone.. whats up?
I have been off the radar for a while.. I am so sorry.
Anyways I promised I was going to give a review on the Joe Girard's book about sales. For those of us who don't know him, he is the greatest sales man in the world: and guess what? he sold cars. Now cars isn't something people buy everyday, so how did he become the greatest sales man ever.. Here are some of his rules:

Rule 1.
according to Joe almost everybody knows at least 250 people. At first when I read IT I was saying to myself: is this guy serious, but lets face facts: If there is a wedding in Nigeria no matter how small it is we would have like about 250 people, this would include relations from both parents sides, the bride and groom's friends, colleagues at work or school etc.. that makes up the 250. The contacts on my phone are over 200. I have about 142 Blackberry contacts. So if we calculate that then I know 250 people. I haven't added my extended family, which is usually large in Africa etc. So he says that you have to treat your customers right even though half of them may be wasting your time, cos for everyone who isn't happy with you that's 250 people that would think you are rubbish.

Rule 2
make sure you have a personal relationship with your customer. For example if you know their birthdays or the birthdays or their kids, or spouse and send them a card or a little gift, with a personal note reminding them that you have a new offer for them. How do you think they old react. First of all everybody no matter how little loves a present on his/her birthday.

Rule 3
don't waste your time joining the club. meaning if you are a salesman or you are at work don't spend your time in the lounge with your colleagues listening to what their wife or husband did yesterday, how terrible the economy is or how the work environment is terrible, or facebooking or bb pinging etc. For every minute you waste listening to all that, you have lost sales. Now I have notice that when I ignore my blackberry or facebook I achieve more, than when I am interrupted by bb pings or what's on someones facebook profile.

Rule 4
If you have the passion for it, you would be able to sell anything. Joe said that when he saw a car sale as his ticket to getting groceries for his family. He had the drive to sell anything and he did that.
Have you ever noticed that a lot of the rich people in the world were once extremely poor? How did the succeed? The passion to have food on their table. Once you see your job, your business, your writing etc as your source of livelihood, you would push yourself till you have achieved your goal.

Now I think it time to go an have my dinner. Do have a lovely day and I am looking forward to your comments.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Random Musings

Hi guys whats up? Hope you are all good. Hows the week treating you'll?
The last time I posted we talked about e-book...well let me tell you this, I just got a kindle fire as a present. (E-book here I come)
Trust me: I already bought two books: "How To Sell Anything To Anybody by Joe Girard and Beyond Desire by Gwynne Forster.

The first book, I seriously need it. It was recommended by Ofili author of "How Stupidity Changed My life".
Since I say that I am an entrepreneur I need to know how to sell my products. I am very eager to read this.

The second one is a romance novel, author is african american.
When I was writing my book, I realized I got stuck with the description of my characters. I kept seeing my ladies with blues eyes, blond hair...Haba how can african ladies have blue eyes? etc.. (you don't blame me when I feed my head with foreign books for along time).
I was advised to read more books written by africans and african americans.

Now I am so excited I don't know which to start, but I think I would start with the business book. Trust me to give you all the review when I am done.

Anyways before I forget if you would like to place your orders for crocheted hand made baby blankets, rugs for babies rooms, or family rooms, please contact me and place your orders.,
Tamunoibifiri Mobolaji-Kamson (this is to find me on facebook)
and I would get back to you.

Do take care of yourself and have a lovely day.

I leave you with this site, very interesting for upcoming authors I must say.


Friday, January 20, 2012

E-books What's Your Take On It?

Hi !!!!! It is Friday again the weekend begins... Is anyone has baffled as I am the way the days are just flying past. Very soon we would be talking about another Christmas...hmmm.
All your new year's resolutions how far?

Well I want to behave like the lizard and praise myself, please permit me to...
"Today is the 18Th day of no coca cola, and I have been drinking a lot of water.
Thank God.
I have considerately cut down on my junk food and I try to eat more fruits, veggies and"..
Please compliment me thank you...(broad Smile)...

Anyways to the topic of today...

I am not really a fan of e-books. I am an old fashion reader. I love the idea of cuddling under the duvet and flipping through the passages of the book, that is just me.
While I would grumble at the fact that Temi would read books or whatever on the Ipad, I have come to see the importance of e-reading...

Anyways the first e-book I read was about two weeks ago, even though I was uncomfortable in the beginning, I became glued. Who can drop a good book no one.
Now I have read about 10 e-books.
I am slowly loving the advantages of e-reading.
1. It is cheaper to buy (even though I never care about prices when I go book shopping).
2. It's not bulky. Very good cos it saves you the excess luggage wahala, when traveling (which I am praying I don't have as I go back, cos I have over 20 novels and they are not e-books...oh God).
3. This is the best for me... I get to check the words I don't know and their meanings in the dictionary right away. This helps my vocabulary, and very good for an aspiring writer. (unlike the traditional way of dropping the book, looking for the big dictionary, and searching for the words. Who has that time? Time is money...don't you think).

Even though I have a big lovely bookshelf which I have vowed to fill up before the end of this year. I think the e-book route is fast becoming a winner in the book world.

I will like to thank you to Stelzz who told me about the author that made a killing for her e-books. Her name is Amanda Hocking she is 26 years old and she is a bestselling author. She gets 70%of her book sales, and she sells around 100,000 copies per month. She sells her books for $3 and some for $.99. So you do the maths. She says she now writes full time as she can now pay the bills from her writing.
It was after her success, a traditional book publisher signed a deal with her. Her books are now going to be produced in paper back and hardcover. Her advise to authors: edit, edit, edit, edit.....
For more info about Amanda Hocking check out this link:

So now you know why I am leaning towards e-books... (wide smile).

Do take care of yourself and have a lovely weekend.

Ciao .

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Random Musings

Hello everyone I guess we are all back to work after the strike has been suspended.
Thank God for the peace in Nigeria.
Anyways in my quest on this diet issue, I have been eating like maybe just once a day, but I have a feeling the scale is broken cos I haven't seen any change...sobs..

K so I decided that I would eat just white beans and stew the for a week and I started on Monday. The sad part about it is that Temi has to sleep in the room with me and we all know that beans makes one fart a lot perceive the aroma... Hmmm covering my face in embarrassment.... its been horrendous.

I was browsing through blogsville and one blog post stood out for me. The blogger gave tips on living in Nigeria with the increase in price. It was hilarious but very true.

With the standard of living in Nigeria I think doctors would make a lot of money through family planning. No more having 5 kids because one is looking for a boy.
No more gossiping, and I am sure no more going out any how.

Okay so I have stepped aside...

leaving you guys now, I have a goal to publish at least two of my novels this year. So I have to work on it, first draft, second draft, third draft till it is accepted by a publisher....

Have a lovely day and chat with you later.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Discover Yourself/ Follow Your Passion

Yippee my followership is growing by the day and I am excited about it. Wow... Thank you guys. I will just try my best to keep on posting and your job is just to keep the comments rolling..

Anyways I decided to post about something motivating, enough of my random musings, but before I start, I need to be a little girl and tell on Temi .
For the past three days now I have burnt everything while cooking from beans to stew to meat. And the sad part is that I don't leave the pot on the cooker and walk off, I am right there, by the eating area watching it cook... guess who comes to rescue the pots? Temi.

So I was lamenting out loud wondering why I have been burning everything
his reply was that: "its because I am sitting down posting on secretlilies. He practically said you guys were the distraction.. Can you imagine him.... hmmm I am thinking whether I should put Temi in the "uncle" category for now...LOL.

ANYWAYS I tagged along with Temi for a business meeting.. When I was waiting in the waiting room he suggested that I read O magazine, when I declined he stated categorically that the magazine was written for women...Oh brother... anyways after loosing at the game I was playing I picked up the O magazine. (and yes Temi was chuckling behind me saying ...I told you so)..

Now there was a topic about discovering your dreams and all, and there were a few women featured. I usually talk about discovering your dream, but I am more of the taking a lot more risk, like quit your job and move on.

But hey!!!!there is a new twist: "you can follow your dreams and still keep your day job. Eventually one would have to over shadow the other but it just shows that nothing should stop you from discovering yourself and following your dreams.

Jennifer Smith a riding instructor, was one of my favorites. I loved this story cos even after forgetting her dreams and moving on in life as she grew older, she later rekindled her passion. And the great thing is that she works with children that have disabilities. She says the joy in their eyes when they get on the horse, is the icing on the cake.

Like everyone else I pray for more hours in the day so that I can do all that I want to do. But it never comes, so one has to learn to organize one's time. I know this for sure: I am learning to stop living the life that society wants me to live and live the life I want to live. Fortunately for me as I grow older I discover myself and try to fit my discovered self, into my small physical frame...LOL

I know one thing for sure, I would rather wear a jeans and lovely polo top with a helmet and destroy homes and rebuild them, for sale, or be in a plant manufacturing something that can be sold for millions of dollars than wear a trouser or skirt suit, with a Chirstian Louboutin and do a 9 to 5.

As we start this week I would like you'll to reflect on your life and try to discover your passion. Cos hey guys I hate to break this news to you.. but life is very short.

Do have a lovely week ahead and please let's all continue praying for Nigeria.


Friday, January 13, 2012


Hello everyone.
I would have said: Thank God it's Friday, no work tomorrow but we have been on strike since the beginning of this week.
Hmmm still praying for Nigeria and would never stop praying for my dear country.

Anyways today I decided to post one of my random musings. So Temi and I were just chilling on the couch watching "Property Brothers", (the property brothers is a show where two brothers, look for a house for their client and renovate it, all under the clients budget. And I must say they do a very good job)...

Anyways so we were just chilling and all and then it struck me to ask him what he really loved about me. I know all the other stuff but just tell me one of the things you really love about me", I asked.
And you will never guess what he his reply was: "my stubbornness"..

I was flummoxed.. My stubbornness. I thought you didn't like that about me.
He replied: "well especially when I am pissed off I don't particularly like it, but that is one of the best things I love about you.

So I ask you'll this weekend to ask someone either a close friend, your spouse, your girl/boy friend, family etc to tell you one of the things they love about you. I am sure you would be as shocked as I was.

Do take care and have a lovely weekend.


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Something Interesting

Hello everyone. I just decided to join the World Bloggers Community hop.. I really don't know how it is done but I am all for it.

Anyways today I saw a post on a friend's facebook page and I thought to check it out. It showed a couple of black female women, who just made history. According to the youtube video: " for the first time in the history of the US flight, was staffed by an all female African American flight crew.

The ladies were so excited and I am sure they couldn't believe that they had made history.

I loved the story cos as I grew up and began to realize my role as a woman in society and the role society had forced on women, I began to advocate in my little way for women to take more risk, explore their talents, and resist the restrictions on them by society.

I can't wait for the day I would see a lot of female plumbers, carpenters, farmers, mechanics, electricians, pilots, artist, graphic designers, photographers, presidents, governors, cartoonist etc in Nigeria, in Africa and in the world. I can remember the comment my mother's driver made the first day he saw a female taxi driver. He found it very strange, and said that there was no way he was going to marry a woman like that, for he knew she wasn't going to know who the man of the house was"...

Now my thinking how does it imply? Why would society be very stiff? Why can we not be more open to changes and the good that comes with it (positive changes)?

Anyways I hope you have a lovely day and we would chat later.
Don't forget to drop your comments, I always look forward to them.


Monday, January 9, 2012


Whats up?
I just realized that I now have 150 followers yippee I am so excited. Thank you dearies for making my day.

Now back to the topic for today.. Strange if you ask me right?
I honestly didn't know what to post about. I thought: should I post about the uprising in Nigeria? Then I decided no. I guess you all have heard a lot about what is going on. I pray everything gets sorted out.
I thought again: which inspirational or motivational story should I talk about? There wasn't anyone that I had researched on, as I have been a little bit slow on the research...

Then I decided that I will just talk about my random musings....

Since I began writing and I realized how difficult it was for a Nigerian up coming authors or any other upcoming authors to get into the publishing world, I have tried to find out what can be done, to make it better.
What can be done to have more books by Nigerians sold in bookshops all over the world, and translated in different languages...

Then it occurred to me that as an upcoming writer, it would be very good to join a writing association. That's nice, helps your writing. Improves it. Educates you. Keeps you informed in the book world. Boost your confidence. Helps you meet literary agents and publishers etc

This is very good. But where are the writing organizations? I haven't seen anyone. If at all there are I am sure it must be in Lagos or online.

This is just a suggestion and I think writers, should look into IT. If there isn't an organization of writers in your state, or country I think you should take the initiative and start one. Everyone or almost everyone is on facebook. We all have lots of colleagues, classmates, neighbors, church friends, mosque friends, blackberry friends and groups etc. Start with them. Just spread the word about starting a writing association, a forum where writers can be helped, and you would be so surprised how many people have unwritten books and articles stored up in their hearts, anxiously waiting for it to burst out.

Secondly I suggest you get an editor, a book expert, a writer in your group. It's very good to have your works looked at by a writer.

Thirdly make sure your writing group is very effective. Lay the ground rules from the beginning. Everybody should be prompt and meeting should start on time. The basis of this writing group is to developed writers, critique their work, guide them to the path way of good edited, mind blowing novels. So please for whatever reason do not use the time spent talking about personal issues, if they don't have anything to do with the literary works of the members.

Fourthly make sure you have a limit. So if you want to have 20 members or 10 make sure you don't exceed this amount. You have just started something new and very risky, even though it has a lot of potentials, you don't want it to be crowded and you want it to be simple.

Fifthly the issue of location comes into play. If you cannot use a venue, you can choose a restaurant that is affordable and has a nice ambiance. But make sure all your members come with cash to actually have a meal and a drink that day. I am very sure the management of any restaurant would kick 20 people out if they spend 1 to 2 hours sitting down just occupying space. If you decide to use someone's house as the venue, if you can, light refreshment should be offered by you on the very first day of the meeting. But consequent meetings the members should be told to come with refreshments. This would put the strain of entertaining away from you, and also bring in the brotherly love that says: "there is love in sharing". Note that events that do not accompany refreshments, no matter how little leaves a sour taste in the mouths of the invitees.

Anyways a group of friends and I are actually thinking of starting a writers club sometime this year. I hope it works out and I hope it helps. Since I would just be a member, I will see how it goes.

I would like to recommend someone to you'll she is fantastic and a good editor and she is good with turning your stories into mind-blowing novels " Atilola Moronfolu,". If you do not know her please you had better check her out. She has been of tremendous help to me.

I almost forgot check out this site Good source for up coming authors.

N.B Do you know about the book "The Help" (it's gotten a lot of publicity I must say).
Do you know that the author Kathryn Stockett, was rejected about a 100 times, before she got published..OMG..

Do have a lovely day.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Question: "Ladies Do You Wish You Were Born A Guy?

Hello everyone..
Menn!!!!! I really loved all the comments I got from my last post..
Don't worry all, we would all be a part of the change in Nigeria.

Two days ago I put up a question on my BB profile..:
Question: " Ladies do you which you were born a guy?"
And you would not believe the amount of replies I got.
Some ladies said they which they were born men. When I asked why, they told me cos its a man's world.
One actually went on to tell me that the women do everything in the home. The are subjected to cooking, taking care of the home, forgiven their husbands when he cheats on them, take rubbish from their in laws, suffer the shame of not having kids alone, suffer the fear or mistress or second or third wives etc

Some told me that they wouldn't change being a woman for anything in the world. They talked about the joy of motherhood. The joy of fashion and loving all the numerous options in the fashion world for women. Their strength, their emotions, their ability to stay strong in times of adversaries. The joy and pain of fighting for female equality etc..

hmm strong touching words if you ask me.
For me I am proud to be a women. Yes I love the fashion... hmmm we have the best options in the world.
I love the emotions..
I love the fact that we can be fierce and soft at the same time.
I love the fact that we aren't ashamed to cry when the opportunities permit it.
I love the joy of motherhood, the maternal instinct.
I love the sixth sense that our Maker has given us.
I love everything about a woman and I am proud to be one, no matter what anybody says.

N/B I haven't taken coca cola since Sunday. I am so happy. And guess what the diet stuff is back. I have succeeded in loosing 3kg, 4 more to go. Determination is the key dearies.
Do take care and have a lovely day.

Please check out this site, and help a child with a book.


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Fuel Subsidy

I had said I wasn't going to talk about the removal of fuel subsidy, but somehow I find myself talking about it: with all the Blackberry messages going on and on on I really need to talk about it.
I asked a friend today, that was lamenting about the removal of the subsidy (bear in mind I am not in support of it), what she had done to make Nigeria better (big or small).

Really we are ready to complain and talk and talk and talk. What have we really done for our communities or own states or Towns... nothing. We just complain. And the sad part is that when given the opportunity we do even worse than our current leaders.
Every Nigerian wants to go to school and become a doctor or a lawyer or an engineer. No one wants to be a carpenter and be the best carpenter Nigeria has ever had.
No one wants to be a plumber and be damn good at it.
No one wants to be a framer and be damn good at it...
How then do we want to grow?

What saddens me is that we don't have farms again. We don't have people farming.
Rice can be grown in Lagos.
Did you know that in Taraba state strawberries and grapes can be grown there?
Do you know that Adamawa state can have one of the largest tea manufacturing company in the world?
Do you know that coal can be mined in Enugu and coal can be used for generating electricity for the whole of Nigeria and beyond?
Do you know that the pulp gotten from the mangroves in Bonny, Bayelsa, Nembe etc, lying fallow disturbing the creeks can be used in the manufacturing of paper? Research has shown that it can actually have one of the largest paper manufacturing company in the world.
Every state is unique and has is good soil and products untapped.
Have we harassed our local government leaders or our governments. What are they doing?

Donala Duke of Calabar took a sleepy town and turned it into a tourist hub. Even after he has left office Calabar still celebrates their festival/carnivals every year. Calabar is one of the cleanest cities in Nigeria cos he also emphasized the importance of being clean.

I ask again including me what have we really done for Nigeria?
Have we looked at our neighbors and found out what affects their lives?
Do we want to get our hands dirty doing the work that no one wants to do?
Are we ready to make a change with our deeds not just our mouths?

What developed countries do that underdeveloped countries fail to do is agriculture. America produces a lot of the food they consume, if not all.
What do we produce in Nigeria?
I am so happy that they are banning the importation of rice. Good for us.
We should go back to our villages and grow rice. At least lets start from there.

There is a saying that goes this way.. "when a man has eaten well, his brain would function properly" ...(translated version)...

Anyways I know one thing though the way forward for me is FASHION & FOOD..LOL

Do have a lovely day and I look forward to your comments.


Monday, January 2, 2012


Hello everyone once again I'm wishing you a happy new year.
Like I told you in my last post I am sticking to what I call the goals of secretlilies..which are motivation, investments a little bit of fashion, musings about my personal experiences etc.

Today I start with the writing industry:

we all know that all over the world it is very difficult as an upcoming author to break into the writing industry. The market is very hard I must say. The market is even harder in Nigeria as there aren't a lot of publishing house and a lot of the citizens haven't been beaten by the reading culture bug.
So how do we as upcoming writers break into the market?: I would like to draw a few points for J.K. Rowling's story.
J.K. Rowling was a single mother, living on welfare in a rat infested house, while she was writing her Harry Porter series. Everyone must know how difficult it is to keep on following one's dreams with an empty stomach or the fear of not knowing where your next meal would come, how to pay your bills, the fear of being kicked out of your house cos you can't afford to pay the rent, but she continued. After she completed her book she was being rejected by many publishers. Some publishers and agents told her that children's book wouldn't sell. She also didn't help matters cos she didn't even know what age group she was writing for. She just wrote her story simple!!!LOL.
We all know the story after she got accepted and her book was published. J. K. Rowling (who had to pick this name cos her publishers thought that she wouldn't get a lot of boys reading her book if they found out that it was a female author), became a success. She was the first person to become a billionaire through writing.
What is so amazing is that her last book of the Harry Porter series which was released 21 July 2007 sold 11 million copies in the first 24 hours. Breaking down to 2.7million copies in the UK and 8.3 million in the US.
Now who would have thought that a book rejected several times over would get this much publicity. Don't also forget that the Harry Porter brand brings in millions daily.

Now why all this story.. the basic principle about being successful in whatever you do no matter how hard it is, is perseverance, diligence and hard work. If she didn't keep on going despite the rejections she would still be on welfare, and she would still be a struggling single mother living in a rat infested house. You may not like her, you may not like her books but she is a good example of when you are determined you can achieve anything.

This year I want all of you to take out time, find out what you are really good at and develop it. The things you want to do start now. Do not wait for tomorrow. Start now. Find the time. If you have to cut your television time, then you have to do it. If you have to cut your gossip time then just do it.
Life is too short, and as sure as 2012 has begun it would soon be the last day of 2012.

Do have a lovely week and always remember live your dream.