Monday, June 6, 2011

My bag Meme

Hello and welcome on board the secretlilies ship: Tiyan, Lady Ngo, Free de lulu and Constance. I hope you have a lovely time and feel free to stop by anytime...

So guys back to a new week?
What do u have planned for this week?
Well for me a lot of things. I have a to do list and I hope and pray I do everything on this list of mine: beginning with: going back to my writing.
I haven't written in a long time and I feel like a part of me is dying. I need to pick up my pen and write.... Oh well I am sure I will come around to it.

Naijamuminlondon nominated me for the my bag's something to do with letting everyone know what's inside your bag... Oh boy...

As much as I loooooooooove bags I don't have a very good one right now. I have been meaning to buy a lovely black bag but haven't come around to doing it...

Anyways this bag is my dream bag. It's from an Italian designer and it cost $2,500. What I will carry in this bag like what I always have in all my bags...

1. A book.... either fiction or none fiction... if it's fiction it has to have romance in it, if not I am not for it...loll..

2. A yarn and a hook...yes I crochet and I am loving it... Make a lot of stuff from yarn. Will soon upload some of my work for sale. Baby clothes, caps, blankets, bibs, sweaters on sale very soon.

3. A book and a pen... yep I am a writer at heart. So I tend to write everywhere I go... Really weird cos I have spotted some people, looking at me in a strange way. Why wouldn't they when I write down things anywhere I go.

4. My phones: " my blackberry for leisure and my Nokia phone for work...

5. I always try to take my make up bag with me but since I never remember to retouch my make up i just stick with the lip gloss.

6. My ATM cards, drivers license, some cash in my wallet...

7. My pashmina in case I go into an office where the A.C. doesn't have a remote control, cos I get cold easily..

8. A little bottle of perfume in my bag, cos I love to smell good at all times..

9. And lastly my sunglasses.....need to get a new one cos I have almost destroyed the old one...

I think that's all I carry in my bag.. And I always have this in my bag.

Anyways join me in serious prayers...I need to get my dream bag soon..loll...


  1. yarn and hook huh. i can remember carrying that sometimes. nice contents. your dream bag is expensive my friend

  2. Lol Mbabzi what will i do.. Don't mind the designer but hey people are buying her bag

  3. This your dream bag is a small investment. $2500??? That's serious money LOL

    So you crochet? That is a really useful skill - especially if you live in a cold place. Great job

    Hope you get round to writing soon

    Thanks for doing this.

  4. No probs N.I.L. i should be saying thank you, for nominating me. And yes oh this dream bag is so... Anyways God will help..LOL..
    Take care

  5. This dream bag of yours is not cheap at all oh... thats someone's salary oh.

  6. I'm going on a seven day fast, so that you can get your dream bag. I like the stuff you carry around.

  7. P.E.T. Projects loll really expensive.
    Prism of an immigrant my dear we will start the fast soon....LOL, LOL, LOL

  8. 2500 for a handbag?!? chai, when you get it (see how i said when and not if = coded prayers lol) you better take good care of that thing lol.

  9. erm hello!! i see its all Chicks up in here, *HEY LADIES!*..just wanna say $2,500 is just numbers and isn`t beyond your reach. #OKBYE

  10. The bag is really nice no doubt, but hell no, it's too expensive :)

  11. @Didi yep its a ladies hangout but you are more than invited. Like to get comments from a man's point of view too. if you know what i am saying.
    @MsJB LOL
    @LadyNgo lol

  12. Yep Yep i know what U talking about... ;-)

  13. hello, omg i havent been here in forever. anyway to what i am going to do this week: hopefully find and LOCK DOWN my dream apartment. i was going to ask if that was really ur bag until i saw it was on the wish list :).....anyway u have exquisite taste (i dnt know why i decided to use dat big grammar) as for the bag contents: im with u and the pashmina and i have only one which everyone knows me by and then the perfume....dats mumsys department, make up.....i dnt even bother :).......thanks for stopping by