Sunday, July 31, 2011


Hi guys my weekend was so hectic but it was fulfilling at the same time. Let me gist a little about it.

Today was the photography workshop. I woke up very early to prepare sandwiches for their tea break. After which, I made Jollof rice, salad, grilled chicken and beef. Food was ready on time and by 1pm they ate. They so praised the food that they asked me if I did catering for a living. I laughed within me: "if only they knew how I hated cooking".


The last day for the photography workshop. First of all everything that could go wrong went wrong with the venue. After the sanitation, Temi and I got there @ 11am, only to find the gate locked. We spent 40 minutes trying to locate the worker who kept the keys but he was no where to be found. After breaking and entering, cos we had no choice, the manager finally came. The generator didn't work all through the day, so our clients were without electricity. Imagine paying for something and it's not there. It was so frustrating.
Then for some reason the coconut rice turned out very bad. I just prayed over it and served the food like that. You will not imagine the praise I got. Everybody loved the food, and someone even asked if I could come cook for an event.....
This prayer that God should just color your mistakes is so true and it works.

Besides all the challenges, our clients enjoyed themselves and they learnt a lot. They loved the food dearly.
Note taken: we will never use that venue again and I will not even recommend my enemy to use it".

Now in between the cooking and the running around, I was able to make it for the celebrity reads in Terra Kulture. There I meet in person Bola Essien-Nelson the author of " The Diary of a Desperate Naija Woman". She is so nice. I love her personality, very strong, exciting and she is someone you will definitely want to be friends with. I also made some good friends like " Nathan Akinremi aka FLo... and a musician Korode Bello. I must say this Korode Bello's voice "can make any woman fall in love".


I went to church early, almost didn't go, cos I was so tired but I had to. The "early morning prayer" was so nice and refreshing, I needed that. For I must confess its been a while since I have actually gotten on my knees to pray. The relationship expert Michelle Mckinny Hammond was the guest preacher. I got her novel "Playing God" autographed.
I had planned to listen to her preach, but I had to help out in junior church. So I was stuck teaching the nannies. But I must say I had fun with them.
One thing I have learnt from them: is that they are in their own world and most at times they just need directions. From them I have learnt that a lot of the "christian madams" really discriminate against them. They usually don't have offerings, and are dressed shabbily. But there are some nannies that even you sef will say: "ah my friend your madam is an angel".

Now I will leave you guys as I want to take a nap, and get ready for the" big brother" finals today. I hope Karen wins cos she is so real.

You can imagine Temi, that told me "big brother" was a waste of time, is pleading with me to record it as he will not be around... HMMMMM..

Anyways do take care and hope you have a lovely week ahead.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Thoughts

Hello and how r u?
thought to let u know my thoughts
I heard someone say this and I wanted to ask for your honest opinions...

1. Its not good for women to drink. Why? Cos it will affect them when they want to have children.
I asked: What about men? oh men, they don't have a problem. They don't go through the process of birthing a child..
Are you for real...." according to " Alcohol is bad for fertility. Too much alcohol can affect the quantity of your sperm and it can dampen your sex drive".... So hello its bad for both male and females.
2. Women don't know how to drive properly especially when they drive on roads they are not familiar with..... From research I have observed that men are not good with directions, and they will never ask until the last minute.

3. Women shouldn't sleep in till 10am they should be up and about by 7am. wow!!!!!! This one for me it depends on what kind of job or life they live. I say if you have time to sleep in please do regardless of your sex.

4. When husbands give their opinion it should not be questioned? " In a marriage do we run a dictatorship? both of them aren't they partners.

In fact the list goes on and on and then I wonder do we still have a lot of the old mentality in us...
Just yesterday I heard of a couple who were on the verge of separating ..Why cos they didn't have any children and as always it was the woman's fault.. The man's people were already on their way with the second wife, the wife that could bear the grand children.

I ask myself when will this stop?
When will everyone have equal rights?
When will mother in laws leave their daughter in laws alone and know that they do not own their destiny?
When will mothers stop pressuring their daughters to get married even when they themselves regret their marriages?
When will not having a male child stop being an issue?
When will a single woman well past the age of 30 stop being looked at as an outcast cos she isn't married with kids?

It's so sad and I must say life isn't suppose to be this way. I don't think our creator, created anyone to be oppressed by his fellow man?

It's time for change, its time we learn.

I know I will become a mother in law some day, when I do, I will never interfere in my children's marriage. It is not my place. I have lived my life, it is time for me to let them live theirs.

Do take care of yourself and have a lovely day.
P.s. Please let me know what you think.. I hope I do not sound like a feminist..LOL

Now I have to go. The photography seminar is tomorrow and Saturday and I am the one cooking. I hate cooking but oh well the things we do for love..Right now the meat is on the fire...kissing my teeth...which i could go to bed right now...loll


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Week

Hello everyone... How r u? I hope you had a lovely weekend cos me I sure did.
Sadly, I haven't kept my promise: " of blogging 3 times a week.
Men!!!!! setting goals is so easy, but implementing them is another ball game. But I will try with the help of the Almighty God.

Let me gist you about my boring weekend.

Friday: woke up late, just basically spent the day reading a romance novel..Oh boy.. don't you think I should get a life? loll. Anyways my uncle (this is my husband, I like to call him uncle when I want to be mischievous or I am not happy with him and don't forget I always add the accent), said we were going to the movies, late at night. Excited about it, you know watching movies at 11pm in the dark...Really something to look forward to. Anyways my dear we didn't go again oh, cos he was tired.. That's why I stopped calling him Temi (which in Yoruba means "my own"), and I started calling him uncle with the accent.
Slept angry...*kissing my teeth*


I went for drama practice in the morning and market with uncle in the afternoon. Since he didn't take me out on Friday night, he decided to join me to the market. So his name changed back to Temi. (Now I am happy and I have forgiven him)...
After the haggling I was able to buy goat meat, which was originally #6,000 for #2900. This amazed Temi as he had earlier told me to buy the meet for the price of #6,000...Imagine. How can I go to market and just take the price they give me, abi did my mother not teach me well...loll. After this we came back home.


This was my girls time out after service, so I told Temi bye and off I went..(Regular girls time out is a very good recipe). I went for 2 shows. The first one cost #2,000 but till I departed by 4pm it hadn't started and I didn't like the organization. The second one which held in Expo center, Eko hotel and which was #1,000 was fantastic. Round table sitting, drinks at your disposal, and fantastic food. Eko hotel standard... buffet.....
Menu: fried rice, white rice, potato, different types of salad, fish and goat meat pepper soup, ofada rice and sauce, beef, chicken, stew, efo, pounded yam etc. I couldn't believe my eyes. Artists like TY Bello, Kate Henshew, Basketmouth, Tara etc. where there and they all spoke, encouraging the youths. For me Tonye Cole killed it. I was deeply impressed.

The end..

new week, a lot of deadlines, Seriousness begins.
Do take care and have a lovely day.

Please let me know how your weekend went? I am so sure it will not be as boring as mine...

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Hi guys.. its been a while and I missed all of you. Sorry I have been incommunicado, I went on hoils and got lazy posting. But anyways I am back and I promise this will not repeat itself again.
So what has been happening in your lives, please gist me?

For me I have learnt that life for a lot of people isn't as it seems. A lot of Nigerians living abroad are suffering.

I have learnt that there are Rats in London...loll.. " Now why I say this is because I overheard a conversation between 2 ladies in the salon, and one of them said that there weren't any rats in London"....... Can you imagine my shock? They so have Rats and next time I travel I have been asked to bring Nigerian Rat poison, it works wonders..loll

Lastly I have learnt that from next year international students in the UK will not be given 2 years post study visa. They will be shoved back home after spending millions on education... How sad....But then again if our Government transforms our educational system. create jobs for the youth, wouldn't Nigeria be a better place?

This should be a challenge to our Government that we should make our educational system really "the best harbor of education".. if there is anything like that..

Oh well enough of all the hard stuff, genuinely how r u? I hope fine? How did you all survive through the Lagos rain of last Sunday? If you ask me that was Nigeria's natural disaster.
I hope it doesn't rain like that anymore. For the last thing we need in this country is "natural disaster"

Take care of yourself and have a lovely day.