Friday, July 6, 2012

Random Musings again

Hmmmm I guess I should be dumped into the ocean cos of all the apologies of not blogging....I am sorry again. The main reason I haven't posted anything in a while is because my brain has been blank. Couldn't find anything to post about...
Anyways after chatting with my friend and blogger Zainab Musa It came to me.. I now know what to blog

I have just been thinking and even though this isn't new, it just re registered in my mind that life is short and its not worth it spending a lifetime doing what you don't like. Its not easy taking the stand of following your passion, especially with people feeling you are making a mistake... like for me I can't believe even after I have been married this long my mother can't wait for me to have a 9 to 5. She says she doesn't understand this being my own boss thing that I say I am doing.... hmmmm the things we have to fight against every day.
 But the bottom line is that I have to do what I love and I have to make everyone around me understand that life is all about being fulfilled.

P.S. my laptop has packed up and I have all my work in there.. I am just praying that I do not loose everything... God please help me...sobbing.
Anyways do take care dears and have a good night's rest.

Thumbs up to my friend Atilola good job with your writing and the marketing of your book. I am impressed.