Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Random Musings

Hello everyone I guess we are all back to work after the strike has been suspended.
Thank God for the peace in Nigeria.
Anyways in my quest on this diet issue, I have been eating like maybe just once a day, but I have a feeling the scale is broken cos I haven't seen any change...sobs..

K so I decided that I would eat just white beans and stew the for a week and I started on Monday. The sad part about it is that Temi has to sleep in the room with me and we all know that beans makes one fart a lot perceive the aroma... Hmmm covering my face in embarrassment.... its been horrendous.

I was browsing through blogsville and one blog post stood out for me. The blogger gave tips on living in Nigeria with the increase in price. It was hilarious but very true.

With the standard of living in Nigeria I think doctors would make a lot of money through family planning. No more having 5 kids because one is looking for a boy.
No more gossiping, and I am sure no more going out any how.

Okay so I have stepped aside...

leaving you guys now, I have a goal to publish at least two of my novels this year. So I have to work on it, first draft, second draft, third draft till it is accepted by a publisher....

Have a lovely day and chat with you later.