Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Yorubas

Hello guys today I am talking about the Yoruba tribe, I am married to a Yoruba man but I will try not to be partial. lol

Anyways I loved the comment, emails and face book messages I got from the last post about the Igbo tribe.. Nice one keep them coming guys cos its very encouraging.

The Yoruba's are known to be scholars. I find it so funny that I will go to a friend's house and see a picture of their grandfather or mother graduating from a university in the UK, in 1914 which was very rear at that time. (If you know what i mean)

Secondly I think they are one tribe that has the highest set of British Nigerians as a lot of them where born in the UK before the law was changed.

I find them also very enterprising as in that the Balogun Alhajas seat down on pots of gold if you know what I mean. They may not know how to speak English, in fact a lot of them just stick to the Yoruba that they know, but the business of making money they understand. Like I said in my last post money doesn't care what language you understand provided you understand it's principles.

I find both their men and women to be very hardworking and enterprising, I like to think that they work hard and party harder.

When I lived in Port Harcourt, my dream in life was to go to school, graduate, do a 9 to 5, marry, have kids, retire at most build one or two houses for retirement benefits and then grow old and finally die... all these changed when I got to Lagos and I saw what a lot of my mates even girls younger than I was working it..hustling... struggling to see their business work and grow. I watched friends start from nothing to something... Lagos put me on my feet. My Yoruba friends put me on my feet. I still had the dreams of marrying and having kids, but the 9 to 5 changed I realised that I loved being my own boss ( in my head if Jumoke could do it then I could). So instead of wanting just one or two houses I would love a lot more, strictly for business purposes.

They are not to particular about having male children... even though you still find some that wont change.

The down sides of the Yoruba's

They are very clueless as to the other tribes in Nigeria. I find it annoying when they refer me and all the other tribes as Igbo... are they for real..don't they know that there is Niger delta, there are states like Rivers State, Cross Rivers state etc...

They can be tribalistic, although I  think a lot of that is changing as you know I am married to a Yoruba guy...(lol I am sure you will say this lady is just rubbing it in...sorry can't help it).

Now I get to their culture I just don't understand why I have to prostrate as a sign of respect. I can show my respect by just being polite... I think they should be open to other people's culture.

This is what I find very amusing: Yoruba's are the most unserious Moslem's I have ever come across. I can never forget the day i went for a Yoruba Muslim's wedding after the Muslim rights and wedding, a pastor suddenly materialized and started praying in GOD the father, GOD the son and GOD the Holy Ghost I was as shocked as can be.

I think I will stop here... please let me know what you think and if there is anything I have missed just feel free to send them in.

P.S. "this is not in anyway intended to insult anybody or tribe.

Do take care and have a lovely day...