Thursday, December 17, 2009

the ability to be multitasking

hello lilies, its been a while. Oh am so sorry........... you know whenever its festive season, things just automatically slow down. You can imagine that today feels like saturday to Anyways am here to share a little message and its about women and the ability to be multitasking.
Before i got married i went to as many marriage seminars i could attend, i read almost all the books on marriage, recommended and others.........Then after i got married my seminars changed to "how to keep the romance flowing when the honeymoon is over, how to keep the house, take care of the kids and still have time for the husband. Oh it felt very easy until i had a little taste of what some women go through. I love a full house, so when, my little cousins, my younger brother and my brother in law said they were coming to stay in my house for the christmas holidays i didn't object. I thought to my self oh thats very cool. When they came, i realized that it wasn't as easy as i thought it will be. I was in the kitchen all day. No matter how i tried to make the food: breakfast, lunch and dinner as simple as can be, i always ended up staying in the kitchen for almost the whole day. Although everybody tried their best in helping around, it still wasn't easy.
Oh and before i forget, i still had a husband to take care of......( abi you know that men are like babies... they are our number one babies oh..).........
At this point i realized what a lot of women go through and i can tell you its not easy. Imagine if i had to go to work, probably come back late in the night, i will still have to take care of my guests, even if its for a little while. I concluded that life as a lady wasn't that easy at all, especial that of an african woman........
But then i remembered proverbs 31 and i realized that God has made us, women to be multitasking. e has given us the ability to multitask, that is what a man can never do. Most men can't do two things at the same time and concentrate..... but you find that a woman, can clean, cook, take care of the kids, go to work and still make sure she is there for her husband all in one day sometimes......
Today i says well done to all the women in the past, in the future, to our mothers, grandmothers, great grand mothers etc who showed us the meaning of "multitasking".
Never be discouraged as a woman, if sometimes you feel that you don't have a life, just remember this God has given you the most unique gift in the world..."the ability to multitask"
P.s: Read and meditate on Proverbs 31'.