Monday, July 30, 2012

Working From Home

Okay last time I posted about being your own boss and the challenges. I learnt a lot from your comments and I have decided to put it into practice.
Today I meet a photographer who has her studio in her house. I had a little interview with her:

Me: How did you get into owning your own business?
Donna: I was laid off work and I decided why don't I go and do my own thing. I have a big house and working from home will give me time with my kids, little money for better education and have time to indulge in my fantasties, like playing lawn tennis on a Monday morning instead of slaving myself at work. I also decided to use my house, to save a lot on over-heads.
Me: How are you able to stay on track and stay focused?
Donna: I always think of what I want to accomplish when I am down. I started this to give my kids a better life, be there with them almost at all times. So this keeps me focused and I stay on track, and its also fulfilling doing something that makes you fulfilled. Remember I started off taking pictures for free, before I went professional.
Me: How do you joggle family and business?
Donna: I don't deceive myself that I am superwoman, so I do not do everything. As much as I am over protective of my kids I also teach them to be independent. I have a nanny who helps me around with the little ones, the cleaning of the house etc. This way I am not fagged out when the hubby gets home after work or when the kids want some little attention..if you know what I mean
Me: Thank you Donna really appreciate. Will look at the mark always not back down.

I hope you enjoyed my little interview, please let me know how you stay on track and stay focused.

P.S: "I have been off BB for almost a month now and I haven't died or fallen sick. Good to know I can switch the button on and off. Good to know that I can set my phone aside during work hours and concentrate.

Do take care of yourself and have a lovely week ahead.