Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Loved all the comment I got, thanks guys you are the best . Even though it is hard I will just continue being there for my friend. Anyways I decided to talk about this topic, maybe cos it comes with alot of controversy, I am not sure

the Word:  "Divorce".

I will like your honest opinions.." what do you think about Divorce?
Should couples divorce if they can't work it out?
And if they do should they remarry, even as christians?

One of the things I do not like though, in Nigeria is this: "the men who get divorced, quickly remarry and have other childrn. While the ladies just remain single for the rest of their lives. In fact society expects them to stay that way. It is almost like a taboo for a woman to remarry, even when she becomes a widow.

I can't wait to read your comments. Thank you

P.S. " Watch Restaurant Stakeout and Restaurant Impossible. I love the show, especially Restaurant Impossible.... But the dirty kitchens can be so irritating...

Do take care and have a lovely day,N I hope you'll had a lovely weekend like I did.