Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What U Ask You Receive

Hi guys.. How r u you today. I hope good.
New Secretlilies followers, thank you guys. I really appreciate it.
I am just happy this week. Everywhere I turn new babies arrive. The one that has brought tears to my eyes, is the good news about my friend, who just had a baby boy after 6 years of waiting.
Kia!!!!!! God indeed is so Good.

Now back to the topic of today. If you remember I talked about my new week's strategy, in that post I shared a little about the bag stuff. My blog will come up soon, so my journey will be read there.

After searching and searching for some help with no luck, I finally decided to learn to make bags myself. After looking around I am pleased to tell you that I have found a mentor. Someone who will take me to where the material is sourced locally. Some one who is in the business and is willing to give me advise any time I need it. Someone who I am spending the whole day with, bombarding her with questions all day, seeing her work space, how she works, the little trick she uses and I get all these for free.

The bible passage that say " ask and you shall receive. Seek you shall find. Knock and the door will be opened unto you. If you ask you will receive, if you seek you will find, and if you knock the door will be opened unto you". Is so true when u apply it.

You will be surprised the kind of favors you get from people when you just ask.

So tomorrow I literary start my journey and will not fail to let u know how my journey's been.
Alors I urge you to ask and you will receive it...(its usually nice when u have faith in yourself).