Thursday, September 6, 2012

Democractic Convention

I am sure every one has heard a lot about the current Democratic convention going on. Even though I try not to get into politics, I have found myself drawn to it. I love the speeches so far, I loved Castro's speech. I loved Michelle Obama's speech, Joe Biden, President Bill Clinton etc.

One thing I have found out, is that a lot of these speakers have one thing in common, they have gone through a lot of challenges at one point in their life. I didn't know until today that Vice President Joe Biden lost his first wife and daughter in a car accident when they were going to get Christmas tree.That must have been traumatic and to think that he was able to pick his life back up, get back into the system and then fall in love again to a wonderful woman, who took care of his kids.

Castro's speech was so touching. I felt goose bumps all over my body as he talked about his grandmother's journey to America. How she came to America as an orphan, how she slaved, cleaning houses in order to make a better life for her daughter, who went to college. How she prayed everyday for her daughter to give her a grandchild and she was blest with two grandsons. How she taught herself how to read in English and in Spanish...
Wow.. I was so touched. Hearing all these stories I really don't have an excuse in life why I shouldn't succeed in whatever I am doing, don't you think?

These stories have made me realize that everybody going to the top had to go through one hurdle or the order, thats just the circle of life. Yours may be different from mine, but it is there to make us stronger and be encouragements to people.

P.S. " I have finally bought a note book and a pen and I have began writing my short story. I hope to be able to finish it soon.Ii actually want the book to be a collections of short stories. Right now I have three stories, as I write I may have one or two more stories, who knows. I hope to get this one out there and published as soon as I am through. I hope I  make it, cos I just have to come out with a book before the end of next year, if not I will stop telling anybody that I am a

P.S. (again).. I wish our politicians will be as affectionate as the American Politicans and their spouses. Imagine Michelle introducing her husband to the whole world as the love of her life"....Awwww I am such a romantic.

Anyways do take care of yourself and have a lovely day.