Monday, January 17, 2011

Book Review Begins

Hello everyone and whats up? for the next 1 week or 2 I will be taking extracts from the book "THINK & GROW RICH" by Napoleon Hill... I have never done a review before but I hope this will be of good benefit to you and it will prompt you to go get the book.......
"Whatever THE MIND OF MAN can CONCEIVE and BELIEVE it can ACHIEVE"......

This is a phrase I have heard for a long time, but I have discovered that it is so hard for people to really use this weapon (THE MIND) for their advantage..
The mind is only always used for disadvantage....almost 70% of the people I have meet along my journey through life, have the mentality that everything is impossible. For everything that is asked or every task given the first thing that comes out of their mouths: " its impossible"...

They said it was impossible to go to the moon, people do it now and regularly. They said it was impossible to fly, check the statistics at least I know that British Airways benefits a lot from Nigerians who fly in and out of Nigeria everyday. They told Henry Ford that it was impossible but he didn't believe it..He saw in his mind what he wanted to see "possibilities". Henry Ford was a success, because he understood and applied the principle of success, which is knowing what you want and seeing it in your mind....

When Edwin C. Barnes climbed down from the freight train all he had was nothing but the belief that he was going to become a business associate of the great inventor Edison.....
If we read through we will discover that through perseverance and patience, he became what he desired, when the opportunity arose... "The author calls him the man who thought his way into partnership with THOMAS A. EDISON

N/B: " One problem a lot of people face is that they don't know what they want in life. If you don't know what you want in life how can you succeed? How can you see yourself being the CEO of a company?

Nobody can see past what you let them see...So it's time my dears....change your thinking.....
Trust me you can be the best in everything and anything you set your heart to do...

Chapter 1: "Thoughts are Things"



  1. I'm thinkin' it; i can do it!!!!

  2. I look forward to reading the review, hopefully, i'll get the books too so my analysis would be objective.

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  4. Hey dearie, how are you doing today..guess what! You have been tagged the "Stylish and Versatile Blogger's Award"...check it out via my blog..stay blessed always.

  5. I love it! Believe it and you CAN achieve it:) Never let anyone bring you down.

  6. Happy new year and I'm back. Please send an email to myne @ for us to chat. Cheers!

  7. @P.E.T.Project thanks for the nomination, I am honored. Will check it out.
    @Prisms of an Immigrant thanks I am so happy, and I was secretly wishing i got this.
    @Yankeenaijababe thank you too, words can't describe how I feel.
    @The Compassion Fashion Project yes my dear we can do anything we set our hearts to do.
    @Myne whitman welcome back. I will send an email

  8. living positively everyday is wht i will be doing this year and the rest of my life. thanks for the reminder.its here finally.looking very forward to more thanks tamu..

  9. So true...we must know what we want first.....I read a truly wonderful book, The Alchemist' last year and I love how it puts it. To paraphrase,

    The entire universe is ready to conspire with you to take you where you want to go, help you achieve what you want to achieve BUT you got to know what that is FIRST.

    Like u said, most of us don't really what we want out of life........but as long as there is life there is time I always think about it TODAY not Tomorrow!