Friday, January 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Dear Friend

Hello everyone, sorry I haven't written 7 things about myself and all the things attributed to the award.. The thing is that you will not believe it and please don't laugh at me...I don't know how to link anything or anyone to my blog. I have been cracking my brain since and everyone I have asked can't find the time to teach me. So I just have to wait. But will do that asap.

Being away from my blog doesn't go well with me...I think I am getting addicted to blogging...
Don't worry the book review still continues...for there are still more details to be told..

One of the things that made me blog today: "the birthday of my dear best friend".

If you recall a while ago I wrote a letter to a friend of mine that died. If she was still alive, today would have been her birthday and she would have been 27 years. I remember it and I feel so sad, with tears in my eyes I still remember her as though I chatted with her yesterday. Words can't describe how I feel but I just want to say

"Fubby my dear friend, you will never be forgotten, may your soul rest in perfect peace

Signed Ibifiri Mobolaji-Kamson


  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog and following! I'm now your newest follower! :) So sad about your friend.

    Lisa xoxo

  2. ....The lord is your strength and peace...may her soul rest in perfect peace..hugs!

    Keep blogging..we will be reading!

  3. Pele dia! Like someone said to me recently on my blog...when those we love die 'they take a part of us with them and leave a part of themselves in us....... I agree.....those we love never really die.....Fubby lives you...and in all those who love her.

  4. @Lisa thank you very much, really appreciate.
    @yankeenaijababe nice encouragement..I will keep on blogging.
    @DesperateNaijaWoman yes she lives on, I will always remember her.

  5. awww...may her so rest in peace. she was so young.

  6. You, my new friend, have a great spiritual gift, probably the greatest of them all. Please keep encouraging. What the world needs is more of you.

  7. Hello Lovely,

    wow i love your blog! You are so beautiful!!! Perfect!!! Your blog is a inspiration for me! Thanks so much!

    I follow you! PLEASE follow me too! thanks&kisses

    Have a great time!

    with love

  8. @Funmi thanks dear.
    @walk2write thank you my friend. Words like this make me continue when I am down.
    @Mariza thanks dear, will definitely become your follower, an an avid one at it

  9. T.M, God has a purpose for everything in life , am sure there is a purpose for it, am sorry for your loss