Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Secret Millionaire

Flipping through the boring channels i stumbled on BBC Knowledge, the program "the secret millionaire" was on. If you don't know about this program let me explain it a little. : " a rich man or woman, usually a multimillionaire, go undercover to a very poor area in the U.K and look for people they can help. When they finally make their choice and give out money, you see the reaction on the people's faces. They cannot believe their luck or blessings. The episode i just watched, the millionaire Kevin former M.D. of Rover gave a homeless charity organization 150,000 pounds to build homes for homeless families, i can go on and on..
Seeing this makes me ask myself, how can people be so good? What are our rich people in Nigeria, in Africa doing with their money? What are you doing with yours? One must not wait till one is a millionaire to make a difference in someone's life. Look around your neighborhood, your community, you will find someone in need.
Do something nice this week, help someone in need.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Hello dears whats up? Today started off as a very dull day in Lagos, it was raining cats and dogs, but now i can see the sun trying to stick its head out.... Anyway i am here today to talk about father's day that was yesterday. Father's day originally not as popular as Mother's day was celebrated yesterday, a day set aside to celebrate fathers. Now who is a father? What kind of father do you want to be? What kind of father did you have growing up? What kind of husband do you want as a father for your kids? In President Obama's "Father's Day letter" he said that "it's almost impossible to fill the void of a father's role in a child's life. I know some of us out there had fathers who took part in conception and left the rest of the wok for our mothers, from the day of conception to the delivery to the upbringing. Some of us out there we have been hurt by the attitudes of our fathers, either by the way we were treated as children or by the way or father's treated our mothers. A lot of us watched our father beat our mothers day in day out and all we could feel for him was hatred and thoughts of vengeance. Some of us had thieves for fathers, who stole everywhere they went to and saw a reason to change. Some of us saw our fathers with a new girl or woman or new toy everyday of our growing lives and sometimes we wondered why did our mother's ever get married to the useless man that calls himself "Daddy". But some of us, above all had fathers who where role models. Who made us believe that we could conquer the world. Who was there for us despite the long hours at work or the unpaid bills. Who was self less and thought only of the good and happiness of our lives here on earth. Some of us had father's who where there to correct us, discipline us, and fill the void in our hearts that only a father can....Thumbs up to fathers who where always there. And if you fall into the category of those who had father's but didn't have "a Dad" don't worry you can be the father you never had. You can be the best Dad in the whole universe. You can make a vow like President Obama did: "no matter what you will always be there for your kids. I live with this poem
Always there
God took the strength of a mountain, the Majesty of a tree, the warmth of a summer sun, the calm of a quiet sea, the generous soul of nature, the comforting arm of night, the wisdom of the ages, the power of the eagles flight, the joy of a mourning in spring, the faith of a mustard seed, the patience of eternity, the depth of a family need, then God combined these qualities, when there was nothing more to add, He knew his masterpiece was complete, And so He called it......Dad

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Something new

Hi whats up? I hope you are having a lovely weekend cos i am, although a little bothered about the cameroon march and hope they can finally pull it off. But anyways i love my Etoo is showed me what he is made off. Okay i am back to what's on the menu today : "something new". I went for a business seminar in a church called "This present House", nice creative church if you ask me. They have taught me that it is not a sin to worship God in a creative way. Like i am told that when its time to pray Joyce Meyer gets comfortable and gets a cup of hot chocolate and then she talks to God how awesome. Now back to the point, lol......please forgive me i divert a lot.
Now in the business seminar the speaker was a Pastor Joshua Shonubi of Newlife Chapel. From the seminar i learnt that there are a lot of opportunities in Nigeria and the world at large that we do not know about. He talked about the power of the internet, technology and how it has made the world a global village. He made me understand that if i have a phone, a computer and access to the internet i am a product of the global world and can do and see my business as a global business. He made me thinking, instead of waiting for the job let me create an opportunity for myself. Start with all the unfinished business in nigeria, if we look deeply there are a lot of raw talents in this country untapped and underutilized.
I have learnt that i have wasted a lot of time sulking and wondering why it has been difficult to find a job. I will use the talents God has given me and succeed, for He said that the riches of the gentiles I will give you, and whatever you touch I will prosper. Why should i be poor and the gentiles be rich. Why should i a believer not be the one to make an impact in society?......
We need to be informed and knowledgeable even Proverbs says it, my people perish for lack of knowledge ..........
P.s make the internet your friend, not just for facebook or chatting but for research and knowledge, and unlike what you have heard from birth business and bible work hand in hand, don't forget that. Will continue next time we meet, ciao.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sorry how difficult or easy

Hello and how are you doing today? before i go to bed i just want to pour out my heart. Today wasn't a bad day for me if i may say but i am in the mood where the "i am sorry" sentence is a little bit to heavy for me. Somebody said that when you are the first person to say that you are sorry it means you are the most mature person in the relationship. How true? right now, with the way i am feeling i think that i want to be the last person saying "i am sorry", don't you think. It makes me feel on top of the world, don't you think? lol come on who is with me on this one?
Anyways deep down i know and i have always know that it's more matured to be the first to use the "i am sorry" sentence. Yes i can hear you it is not easy at all, some times you just want to ignore that little voice telling you to just swallow your pride and say that you are sorry even when you weren't the one at fault. You want to listen to the aggressive voice telling you not to even dare, that you are going to look very small and you will just be taken for granted because you said "i am sorry".
If we all learn to say "i am sorry" first the world will be a better place, relationships will wax stronger and stronger, families will have a more solid foundation and we will all sleep peacefully at night, believe me i have tried it and it still doesn't make it easy at all.....
It's time for me to go to bed now, before i say goodnight please join the campaign and learn to say sorry first no matter the situation. Ciao

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Cooking and Surfing the net!!!!Cool!!!

Whats up? Men big man life good oh, before i tatafoo let me just let you know that i am cooking at the same time gisting with you. Don't you just like my job, lol. Anyways i want to give you some inside tatafoo now, after today we must be serious, no more gossip my friends...ha ha aha ha...
There was this show i kinda of attended (you know when you are outside the entrance of an event you know what is happening but you can't get in cos the bill tooo much to pay....and you know now life has changed.....Crying i wish i was still a little child, as a child i never had any worries in life, but now omo I must plan well well before i become broke my people......
So back to the gist..............because of this show i was opportune to see a lot of people, especially our expatriate friends, from different race......the white, the green, the yellow, the orange and of course the nigerians. Hmmmm Nija is changing oh....we now have beaucoup de flow of different human race.
Sitting in a corner i observed-----you know i like to observe, so i can download it to you......I saw different characters . What caught my attention were the Nigerians again, that came in with the orange race. They acted as though they were small g-o-ds. I noticed that they all had either fake british accents or american accents if you know what a i mean......Hmmmmm who do we always try to impress-----hey heeelloooooo, why?
Let me digress a little, one of those times i was feeling rich, we decided to hire a chauffeur, as usual we had an interview for them. One of the chauffeurs when asked how long he had been driving , his reply " i bin drive plenty white men before now", His chest swelling up with pride, as though he would be hired on the spot cos of the information he generously dished out........
I don't know, maybe it's the effect of slavery or colonization but an average black man subconsciously feels the white man is more superior than he is..........i don't know if this is true but i write from experience...........
Before we become great, fulfill our dreams, everything begins from the mind. If our mind isn't set right we will never trust our own strength, our inner man. If you ask me instead of the fake accents, the fake lives, the lies about all our accomplishment and who are parents are, just be yourself and work on being a better person. Then you can stand tall and be proud of who you are and where you come from.
Oh well it's time to take my leave before my soup gets burnt. Have a lovely weekend and do something good this weekend. Help a child, a woman, a man or a community. Ciao

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Welcome Back

I think i deserve a welcome back don't you think? Once again i am so sorry that i have stayed away from all of you for so long. This won't happen again i promise. Today i don't have any topic to talk about but let us just gist oh. Today as i sat down in the restaurant, watching the customers walk in and out, i noticed this car drive in. Mind you it was an SUV or a Jeep as Nigerian call it. what struck me was the attitude of the driver of the car. He was forming, i say this kin effisey i never see loll. Lagosians people will not kill me oh with formings.....
Anyways, this guy made sure he parked his car very close to the entrance of the restaurant, and then stepping out he walked like he had gold shoes. I must say he didn't even walk he was gliding. He had the air of "i hope you guys saw the car i came with....oh before i forget i hope you noticed that my shoes are designers and my suit is bloody expensive.......please excuse my language. Haba nija we will never change. Even the girl he came to see on could tell that she wasn't happy with him, cos he kept her waiting for a long time, secondly the guy is too full of himself, but does she have a choice? She wants something from him, so she will have to stick in there and take the rubbish from him lol. I pray i am never in that kind of position. I want to leave this earth with my dignity if you no what I mean.
Okay to cut the long story short it struck me that human beings are moved by appearance. If my husband comes to drop me or i drive our one and only i never will let him drop me at the entrance of the restaurant, in fact i may even go as far as saying u know what honey just drop me of at the other side of the road, don't bother yourself. loll. I am having a good laugh now i am sure you are also. Don't mind me oh jare...we all fall victim of that once in a while, it may not be a car, it may be the way we look, something.......
But you know what, before i stop my tatafoo let me tell you this, people who are rich, when i mean rich, genuinely rich and worked hard for their money, never make noise. They are always very simple and underrated. I don't want to be a rich person with a big mouth blowing my trumpet everyday, no!!!! I want my works to speak for about you?
Notez Bien: do two things for me 1. don't let pride or what you have get into your head, always remain humble. 2. please read a book this week.
Take care of yourself and will tatafoo again tomorrow. Ciao.