Thursday, June 10, 2010

Welcome Back

I think i deserve a welcome back don't you think? Once again i am so sorry that i have stayed away from all of you for so long. This won't happen again i promise. Today i don't have any topic to talk about but let us just gist oh. Today as i sat down in the restaurant, watching the customers walk in and out, i noticed this car drive in. Mind you it was an SUV or a Jeep as Nigerian call it. what struck me was the attitude of the driver of the car. He was forming, i say this kin effisey i never see loll. Lagosians people will not kill me oh with formings.....
Anyways, this guy made sure he parked his car very close to the entrance of the restaurant, and then stepping out he walked like he had gold shoes. I must say he didn't even walk he was gliding. He had the air of "i hope you guys saw the car i came with....oh before i forget i hope you noticed that my shoes are designers and my suit is bloody expensive.......please excuse my language. Haba nija we will never change. Even the girl he came to see on could tell that she wasn't happy with him, cos he kept her waiting for a long time, secondly the guy is too full of himself, but does she have a choice? She wants something from him, so she will have to stick in there and take the rubbish from him lol. I pray i am never in that kind of position. I want to leave this earth with my dignity if you no what I mean.
Okay to cut the long story short it struck me that human beings are moved by appearance. If my husband comes to drop me or i drive our one and only i never will let him drop me at the entrance of the restaurant, in fact i may even go as far as saying u know what honey just drop me of at the other side of the road, don't bother yourself. loll. I am having a good laugh now i am sure you are also. Don't mind me oh jare...we all fall victim of that once in a while, it may not be a car, it may be the way we look, something.......
But you know what, before i stop my tatafoo let me tell you this, people who are rich, when i mean rich, genuinely rich and worked hard for their money, never make noise. They are always very simple and underrated. I don't want to be a rich person with a big mouth blowing my trumpet everyday, no!!!! I want my works to speak for about you?
Notez Bien: do two things for me 1. don't let pride or what you have get into your head, always remain humble. 2. please read a book this week.
Take care of yourself and will tatafoo again tomorrow. Ciao.

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