Thursday, December 8, 2011


Hello everyone..
Whats up?
Loved the comments and encouragements I got from my last post. Thank you guys you always make my day.
To my new followers WELCOME guys. I promise will love the secretlilies's journey.
Anyways today I thought I should share this with you' ll.
I have been talking a lot about weight gain and weight lose and all.
I used to be 55kg for a very long time. When I mean long time I mean pretty long.
I will drink 5 bottles of coca cola a day and I still didn't add weight.
Anyways in the past 3 years I have slowly gained some extra 5 kilos. Now I am 60kg... sobbing, meaning I have moved from a British size 6 to a British size 8.
anyways I said I wanted to lose weight and they all want to crucify me. Please don't just hear me out....loll..

I have talked to a lot of people and they keep telling me that it's very difficult to loose wight and it can't work. A lot say big girls can't go down to a British size 8 etc.
Because of this I have decided to put myself on a diet and see what it takes. Don't worry I will not starve to death. I will only make sure I loose 5 kilos. So the aim going back to 55.....
I really want to experience a little bit of what people talk about "being on a diet".
I will like to find out if it is very difficult or if it is easy. I also will like to find out how long it will take me to loose just 5 kilos.

I start a diet on Monday and I will follow the diet judiciously by the grace of God.
As I post I will update you guys on my journey and if I can actually stick to the diet or be tempted to eating all the good food in the house. LOL

Another thing: I swear to tell the truth and nothing but the truth.
So the day I, maybe make a mistake I will let you all know.

Anyways do have a lovely day and enjoy the weekend.