Monday, August 1, 2011

My List

Good morning everyone. I hope we all had a lovely weekend. Thank you for your comments on facebook and on secretlilies. I am always encouraged anytime I see them.

Today is Monday and I have a list of things I need to accomplish this week. I hope I accomplish them all.

1. I need to write 2 articles and make sure they are accepted.
2. Review my book and send it to a friend who has offered to edit it for me and pray that she finds it publishable.
3. Work on my CV and send it to a french friend, as I am looking for ways to practice my french weekly.

4. Read and finish 3 books this week. (I wonder how I will do this with all the things on my plate.... I have to read a book about social network as I will be doing my first public speaking in about a month's time).. Imagine of all the things they will want me to speak on: " social network".. What do I know about social network.
My dears quickly I had to run to look for a book, or something that will help. Anyways will gist you about it soon. Then I have Myne Whiteman's " A love Rekindled" which I will love to read this week. And the third one is BlACKBIRD" by Jude Dibia. (Hmmm.. I joined a readers club and this book was recommended.. I hope I love it).

5. I have an order for 3 baby blankets, so I have to make that. Good thing, the blankets will be delivered within a month, so no hurry. But I will still like to start now, as crocheting helps me relax.
6. Oh don't forget I need to do some cooking, which I hate...wait a minute.. I don't have to any more for Temi will not be around..yippee...Although I will miss him sha...
A little secret I have also started my diet and this got Temi scared cos he thought I was going to starve him. LOL. Anyways I actually want to stop eating from 7pm, cos I hear that it is the remedy to reduce big tummy and you will not believe it, but my stomach is too big for my size. I actually have to take my tummy in when I go out"...

7. My friend: author of Diary of a desperate Naija woman, told me that I should post regularly on my blog. She said the intervals were to long. So I have decided that I will try to say something every day, or at least every other day. I hope you don't get bored and stop commenting.

8. I have decided to learn something new every day. Don't worry I will practice what I will learn on you guys, (don't be scared they will all be positive things). So from now on I will be giving tips on a lot of things, mostly "Advise for small businesses in Nigeria" (I hope I am able to carry this cross, for it is hard..loll), a little about health, lifestyle and a little about fashion...

9. I need to make sure I read my bible and pray everyday..

10. I need to stick to my rule and wake up everyday by 7am, have my bath and go to work, even though I work from my house.

HMMMMMM my brothers and sisters, this list sef I have put together e no easy at all... God will help me.

Do take care of yourself and as always I will let you know if I was able to achieve all that I set out to do this week.