Monday, November 5, 2012

Long A'waited Wedding Anniversary Post

Hello everyone as you all know my time isn't mine any more, I have a madam that dictates what I do. lol, but I can't just stop my life right, so I have to device a pattern around her.

Anyways just to let you know that I have begun writing again officially. I can't promise regular updates on my blog but I will definitely try. I will also check your blogs out whenever I have time and leave comments if I can. (do bear with me).

Now back to the story: so on the 25th of October was my wedding anniversary. 4 years ago I walked down the aisle and said "I DO" to Mobolaji Ayodeji Kamson.

Have I enjoyed the marriage: yes I have.
Has it been smooth all the way: no, nothing is actually. Everything has it's ups and downs.
When I hear other ladies talk about their marriages and how they are just there for their kids, I have to say thank God.

Do I take Temi for granted: yes I do, and I must learn to stop that, cos he is a very special person and dear to my heart.

When I first got married I wanted to have kids right away, Temi was indifferent, but I wasn't, after all I had heard stories about Yoruba's being very nosy and always in some one's business. So like every new bride I was a little frightened.

By the second year we had a major set back, Temi had to leave the 9 to 5 rat race and join the "I have to own MY OWN business band wagon", I supported him, even though in my head I felt he must be crazy. As the months past, the word we are on a budget, became our slogan. Since we were on a budget my business had to be on a hold.

So every time someone asked me what I was doing I will try to change the topic.(Okay fine I should have gotten a job right)?
I did try to get a job, but for what I was looking for I didn't find. I wanted to be a radio personality and I still want to be (so if there is any availability, please just let me know, thank you).

By the end of the second year our car had packed up and we had to depend on one car, which wasn't really good. It looked very nice on the outside but had wahala on the inside, (if you know what I mean..)But you know: "what we stood together". I still hadn't stopped worrying about the babies not coming as planned.

Anyways to cut the long story short in this 4 years, being married, Temi and I have become closer. Looking at it now, I know that if Yosola had come immediately, we wouldn't have been able to build this bond we have now.

So as the phrase goes everything works out for good.

I start another phase of my life, first of all I am a wife, I am a mother, I am a writer and then I am an entrepreneur.

My daughter taking her time in coming taught me patience, a virtue I didn't have at all.

I have to go now.
I hope you like what you read..

P.S." contrary to the story I heard, my in laws aren't nosy....

Do take care of yourself and I hope you find love like I have.

Dinner on the 25th of October.
chei I still look chubby...anyways not to worry losing weight little by little....