Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Fuel Subsidy

I had said I wasn't going to talk about the removal of fuel subsidy, but somehow I find myself talking about it: with all the Blackberry messages going on and on on I really need to talk about it.
I asked a friend today, that was lamenting about the removal of the subsidy (bear in mind I am not in support of it), what she had done to make Nigeria better (big or small).

Really we are ready to complain and talk and talk and talk. What have we really done for our communities or own states or Towns... nothing. We just complain. And the sad part is that when given the opportunity we do even worse than our current leaders.
Every Nigerian wants to go to school and become a doctor or a lawyer or an engineer. No one wants to be a carpenter and be the best carpenter Nigeria has ever had.
No one wants to be a plumber and be damn good at it.
No one wants to be a framer and be damn good at it...
How then do we want to grow?

What saddens me is that we don't have farms again. We don't have people farming.
Rice can be grown in Lagos.
Did you know that in Taraba state strawberries and grapes can be grown there?
Do you know that Adamawa state can have one of the largest tea manufacturing company in the world?
Do you know that coal can be mined in Enugu and coal can be used for generating electricity for the whole of Nigeria and beyond?
Do you know that the pulp gotten from the mangroves in Bonny, Bayelsa, Nembe etc, lying fallow disturbing the creeks can be used in the manufacturing of paper? Research has shown that it can actually have one of the largest paper manufacturing company in the world.
Every state is unique and has is good soil and products untapped.
Have we harassed our local government leaders or our governments. What are they doing?

Donala Duke of Calabar took a sleepy town and turned it into a tourist hub. Even after he has left office Calabar still celebrates their festival/carnivals every year. Calabar is one of the cleanest cities in Nigeria cos he also emphasized the importance of being clean.

I ask again including me what have we really done for Nigeria?
Have we looked at our neighbors and found out what affects their lives?
Do we want to get our hands dirty doing the work that no one wants to do?
Are we ready to make a change with our deeds not just our mouths?

What developed countries do that underdeveloped countries fail to do is agriculture. America produces a lot of the food they consume, if not all.
What do we produce in Nigeria?
I am so happy that they are banning the importation of rice. Good for us.
We should go back to our villages and grow rice. At least lets start from there.

There is a saying that goes this way.. "when a man has eaten well, his brain would function properly" ...(translated version)...

Anyways I know one thing though the way forward for me is FASHION & FOOD..LOL

Do have a lovely day and I look forward to your comments.