Sunday, January 23, 2011

Stylish and VersatileBlogger Award

Hello everyone I have been patiently waiting for my friends to teach me how to link stuff but they still haven't gotten back to me. So I will just go ahead and do it the old fashioned way.

First of all I will like to say thank you to P.E.T. Projects, Prism of an immigrant, Yankeenaijababe for nominating me for the stylish and versatile blogger award. I am so honored and excited. I know I can remember thinking to myself when I saw the award that oh I wish I can get nominated and here I am a nominee....
Thank you people, I really appreciate.

Now 7 things about me

1. I am the first born out of 5 kids and I am the smallest in size, so a lot of people think I am the last.
2. Never liked french until I almost failed out in my 2nd year of uni, then I realized that hey girl your stuck with this and you have to make the best of out it...That's how I learnt how to speak, write and read french.

3. I know I am in love

4. I don't like to gain weight.

5. Strictly dreaming about my interview with Oprah and tyra Banks, I hope I get it.

6. Used to be bothered about my small boobs...

7. I love God...

I don't know if I know up to 15 blogs to recommend as a lot of them have already been given the award, but will mention the few I will like to nominate....

I think this all...thank you and will chat later.