Friday, December 3, 2010

Hangover From Social Network

Hello guys...

Still on my journey to be the next best name and I have been thinking, in fact I couldn't sleep. When I finally slept I dreamt about social network...LOL. Oh please God help head is still spinning and it will not stop until something powerful comes in...loll....

Well let me give you a little hint..I have started my third novel and I think this is very dear to me, for I can already feel my character's pain. Her name is Eva and she is an adorable young woman, trying to rise above her situation.
Will she do it?
Yes she will for I think and strongly believe that every man/woman fighting to change his/her situation eventually achieves their goal.

I hope you love my character like I do for I really love her. She has become a part of me and my very good friend.

So off again to think of something great...Oh boy before I forget: LET'S welcome the new member in the good friend Bimbo, thank you for becoming a member of the family.

Wendal I love your comments, nice one and good info about the internet guy... See you later alligator.....

Note: someone just told me that the guy who invented the internet didn't get a patent or something like that? I really need to do a research about him and I will get back to you guys on this gist....

P.S. please patent your ideas, business plans, research, inventions, anything... for one never knows where the money or breakthrough will come from.

Have a lovely weekend, for I will.



  1. nice blog... have a view of my blog when free.. .. do leave me some comment / guide if can.. if interested can follow my blog...

  2. im so happy to hear youre enjoying writing .keep at it and when the book is ready for us to enjoy i wanna be first..cant wait,

  3. The invention of the Internet has its roots in the what was called the ARPANET, which was really the first network. It was a way more a collaborative research effort by a handful of universities to get communication between them, than any single one guy's design. Interesting part of the story is - the main guy that came up with the concept of the computer network, had requests for bids sent out to over 100 computer companies, but most of them thought he was nuts & dismissed the idea. Only about a dozen submitted bids.

    Reminds me of Bill Gates dream years back of a "PC" in everyone's home and companies thought he'd lost it.

    The power of dream huh !

  4. @ WendL really the power of dream... men once you believe it you can do it.
    @Mbabazi will definitely do so, and thanks.