Saturday, September 10, 2011


Hello everyone and happy weekend.
To my new followers welcome and thank you so much.
I haven't posted in a while cos for once I have been out of ideas.
Anyways, I just said I had to post today, couldn't leave you guys without some juicy gists for this weekend. loll..

I will like to share a little of what I will be doing next week.

For a long while I have been interested in making shoes, bags, belts etc. I had tried learning but was disappointed.
Deciding to start with one Item first, I choose bags. The thing is that I have tried to no avail to get someone to tutor me, but it hasn't been possible. For some reason the timing hasn't been right, either when I have cleared my schedule no one is available, or when they are available the cash isn't available. You know how money somehow manages to slip through one's hands.
With all these challenges I have decided to do a few things:

first of all I will start a new blog. This blog will be about my journey through bag making. I will blog about my challenges, my bad times, good times, joys, creations and my learnings. Sometimes I may even chip in a little of what I have learnt about bag making..who knows.

Secondly I will buy myself a sewing machine... This one isn't easy as I have never used a sewing machine before in my life. I sew very well but with needle and thread.
I will also look for a market in Nigeria where I can source for accessories and materials. I do not know where, although a little research has told me Mushin or Balogun. I also need to find someone who will take me there. Someone who knows the market very well and who knows what's original and what's not, bearing in mind that I am on a budget.(Very tight one at that).
Now this is a big challenge as I haven't been able to find any one willing to take me there.

Thirdly after sorting all these out, I will start learning how to make bags in my house, by myself. Thank God for the internet at least I can get a head start with that.

Hopefully as I continue I will be able to show my collection either my the end of this year or next year. I am not in a hurry. I will take my time and do this very well, the end is what matters.

In between all these I will try to post on my blogs, take pictures, write and work with my editor at the same time. I hope I have the strength to do all these.

Anyways I know one thing I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.
Mean while check out this bag maker's blog. Her bags are fantastic: She is gifted and the good thing is that she is self thought.

Wishing everybody a lovely weekend.
Make good use of your weekend.
Make sure you have fun..
I hope Temi and I will go out this evening..He is sleeping now..Let me give him time..

Take care.


  1. Good luck TMK, I look forward to the new journey.

  2. Nice. Good luck in all your endeavors. God is your guide! :)

  3. @9jaFoodie & Sweetly Broken thank you very much.

  4. Wow,like the bag idea,although I think you are trying too many things at once,hope you have time fo yourself and uncle.wish you luck,all da way. Bonne chance.

  5. @gretel. hmm I thought of that too so I had to choose between baby things and bags. and I choose bags. I will just stick to bags and writing my novels, and looking for publishers for now. I don't work so that's time on my hands. Temi/Uncle travels regularly so I have time when he isn't around. Anyways if I find out its to much will cut down. Thank you dear.

  6. are very creative. You see the big picture then break it down into parts - so you can begin. The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. I am proud of you.

    You GO girl! I wish all the best in your new endeavor. it will be fun to see your creative work.

    Patrina <")>><

  7. Go girl. All the best. There's so much I want to do too and it all seems too much but I guess it's a step at a time. I like Gidan Nodza's bags. And to think she was self taught, she's really come a long way