Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Hello everyone and how are you? I have had some new followers and I want to say thank you so much... I love reading your comments, they are so overwhelming...
Thank you. You guys are the best...

Today's recipe was sent to my blackberry a while ago and I think it will be so meaningful in our lives... I am not sure if it is true...but I still learnt a lot.....
I have to say that cos I don't want one of the big companies to come and sue little me..lol..

"The difference between MTN & Etisalat is called season.
MTN came to Nigeria at a time when nobody wanted to invest in Nigeria, at a time when Nigerians did not have phones. Even Zenith bank refused to loan MTN cash to operate, UBA rejected MTN's offer but today they see the difference.

At least we all know the story of the only civilian unelected president in Nigeria-Goodluck Jonathan. We know how the people said he was not going to be president, they even made him acting-president. Today the rest is history.

What about Cowbell?
When they came to Nigeria, they made milk in a sachet, Peak was laughing at them-they said Cowbell was milk for the poor-but they were right. 3million poor people could afford #10 (just a few cents) a day for a sachet of milk. Do the math 3million people buying milk at #10= #30million every single day. (i.e. about $193,600 every day). In a month they grossed #900-million (almost #1billion). (i.e. about $5.9million a month). Even Peak had to make sachet milk in order to survive in the market.

So what have people told you? What have they said you cannot do, you do not qualify for, you do not have experience for?

They told Cowbell, they told Goodluck, they told MTN but the story has changed. I get the feeling that something is changing in you! Don't listen to what people are saying or what life is showing you. Keep trusting God and confessing what you want to see.....

For me I am of the school of thought that any body can learn anything, anybody can achieve anything, so long as they believe it.

Notez bien : For my none naija readers...MTN is the first telecommunications company to come into Nigeria a few years back..

Cowbell is a milk company and also Peak.

What are your dreams? Passion? Those things you have long pushed under the bed? You can share...You can decide not to....But know one thing you can do it....

P.S. just listening to a young man sing and his voice is so nice..Lovely, that kind of voice, once heard can't be forgotten..... And to believe that 2 years ago he couldn't sing...He auditioned for the church choir and failed woefully....



  1. May I just add that if the likes of John Foppe and our very own Cobhams Asuquo can make something of their lives, what excuse do you and I have.

    The fear of failure should inspire us all to strive to succeed.

  2. ..........One never know where great things can begin from...my passion is to enjoy life, change the world someday through the little things...hope you have a great day dearie.

  3. @P.E.T. Projects really its so true. The first day I heard Cobhams Asuquo sing I couldn't believe it...We just don't have any excuse..really...
    @Yankeenaijababe you have said it all same passion to.....
    Thanks both of you for stopping by.

  4. The biggest obstacle to overcome is fear and a lack of confidence in ourselves. It can be tough but there's always some tiny bit of encouragement on the way if we look for it.
    The way to truly live tho is to follow that passion...
    Love your blog!

  5. @mystylefest thank you for the compliment. What you just said is so true..A lot of times we are so afraid of achieving our dreams, just because we are afraid.....I fight that everyday and the more I fight the better I become.

  6. first of all..guess who has 43 followers.the lovely secretlilies.. i wanna grow in developmental work which is where i wanna go career wise. also i hope to have a cool money making side business. even tho im not sure what ive been trying a few things here and there.

  7. @Mbabazi lol, yes secretlilies does has 43 followers i am so excited about it. Nice one the developmental work..side business usually look 4 what you are passionate about. so when the hurdles comes you are able to withstand it.