Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Inspiration Wednesday: I checked my archives and thought to share these stories with you. A while back I watched the show "the secret millionaire" and they feature LIZ JACKSON. Now if you don't know this show it's a show where millionaires disguise themselves and go into the slums looking for people to help, to give them a brighter feature. What struck me about this millionaire is that she was/ is blind, despite this she has a successful business,which employs about 130 people, 6 offices, a husband and a daughter.

Second person is our very own Cohbams Asuquo we all know he is blind, he was born blind, yet he has over come this and done very well for himself. I love the speech he gave @ TEDxEuston, his topic: "The gift of Blindness". I loved the way he talked about the brighter side of his situation: he had said something once that: "being blind is his legal right to take a bowl, stand on the road and start begging, but he choose not to do that. Today he is one of the most successful Nigerian music producers. He too has a wife and a wonderful son.

Two things common about Cohbams and Liz is that they didn't seat down blaming the whole world for their problems instead they choose to work around it and make a difference, succeed in life like every other person.

I think it is time we look back at our lives and tell ourselves that we can succeed no matter what.

Take care of yourself and have a lovely day.

Check out this YouTube channel the gift of blindness: Cohbams Asuquo at