Thursday, September 16, 2010


Its so funny how excited I get anytime I am traveling, be it within the country or outside the country, I get butterflies.
I can't wait to see all my friends, my family, my hood, if you know what I mean, LOL... I just can't wait.
Even in my excitement I will like to share something I learnt listen....loll.....

Yesterday, I had a lovely bible study and it was all about God, the topic that struck me most was how to hear from God. People say they hear from God, is it true? Everybody wanted to know how it was possible and how one could hear God speak.

Deep down I know it is true and its possible to hear from God, because I do hear from God when I am a good girl, loll.

God doesn't talk to everybody in a particular way, I can only tell you how God talks to me, for you it will be different. What I can surely say is that when God talks to you, there is an eternal excitement that cannot be understood by men. It's a beautiful feeling which indescribable.
I have also learnt that each time I am closer to God, I hear clearly from him. When I drift away, or get distracted with the things of the world, His voice become fainter and until I stop hearing from Him completely.

The question is how can one stay in his presence every time? Simple by meditating on the word of God, in the place of prayer etc...

How can one hear from God when there are a lot of unanswered prayers?

This is my challenge, sometimes I am angry with God that I don't even want to talk to him, I run away. I don't want to trust him, anymore, but after i have thrown tantrums and sulked for a while, I run back to him because there is no other way....

Do I actually hear from God? Yes I must confess that I do hear from him, especially when I tune my ears and stay in His presence, after all He says if you seek Me you will find........

Will I get confused and frustrated with God again? Yes I know I will, cos I am human, but I will never leave Him for He is my all.

Do I still have unanswered prayers? Yes I do, in fact a lot, but I trust and wait on Him patiently for they will be answered, one day.

Notez bien: as we go home this weekend I want us to reflect on him, take a few minutes, hours anytime to hear from Him. Take His word study it and ask Him to speak to you.

P.S. I am off to Port Harcourt and I know I will have a lovely time. Don't worry I will gist you all about my experience.
Take care.


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