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DONALD TRUMP's Top 3 Tips For Dominating Your Niche.....

We know his name. We know his brand. We even know his hair. But do we know how he does it?
If Donald Trump has created a building in your city, you know it. You not only know he has one but you know exactly where it is. Maybe you even know how much it cost. You might even know about buildings he's developed in other cities. Are there any other real estate developers you can say that about? Why do we know so much about The Donald?

This happened to me when I was in Chicago last year. I looked out the window and BAM...there he is again. Trump International Hotel Chicago. So what are the methods that The Donald uses, the stuff that can help us find a larger audience, write a better blog, build a better business? turns out there're simple, effective, and unforgettable.

Trump Tip #1: Be everywhere
Are you posting only on your website? Are you only writing but not doing videos? Are your ads appearing only where everyone else's (including your competitors) are? Then you are missing out on a lot of what you can do to build audience, visibility and profile. People need to see your face. They need to feel your energy. They need to see your hair everywhere you go. If you are only giving your audience a part of who you are, and only in a certain location, that's like being a guru on the top of a mountain in Bhutan. If no one can find you, you're not likely to get a lot of disciples. how about, instead, you participate everywhere you are allowed to? You use every medium to which you' re allowed access?

Trump Tip #2: Don't pay cash
Donald may be rich but do you really think he pays cash-weather to develop real estate or to access new audiences? Most people misunderstand how business works and think that, in many cases, they're unable to do something that is within their reach.
When trump writes a book with Robert Kiyosaki of do you think it is because they were like "High five! lets write a book together, just for kicks!"

Uh, no.

Top level players do project like these to get access to each other's audiences. Everything is strategic. Everything is one for leverage. And leverage is just another word for" I didn't pay cash to play".
Same thing when he does Trump University and The Apprentice. All of these are audience plays. Trump doesn't pay cash, ever. he trades chips with people who can benefit him.
You can work the same angles. Don't try to get your audience or your customers by buying them. Instead, play the game. Use chips. Think strategically on how you can use leverage to gain access to something you otherwise couldn't.

Trump Tip# 3: Exceed Expectations

When I walked into the Trump International Beach Resort in Miami, I was skeptical. What I believed I'd see and what I actually experienced where vastly different. I was shocked by how polite the staff were. I was stunned by the fact that I actually wanted to spend time there. But most of all I was shocked by the smell.

Yes, the smell

The air in the Trump International had a light, fragrant, airy perfume. It was amazing. Can you shock people? Not with rudeness or vulgarity (necessarily), but with your over-the-top-attitude, your expertise, your commitment to doing something great, or your extravagance? You may not have the ability (or desire) to shock with Trump-like excess. But you can also shock with your appreciation for the little things- the details.

Be Like The Donald?
You may not take the Donald seriously. The hair does make it difficult. Or you may think you could never translate what he's done to your own business. It certainly isn't easy.

But it does have a formula and this is it:

You have to try..

I hope you learn a lot from this article as I have learnt...
Happy Weekend..

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